Cassidy Ragland Self Reflection

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Video Essay

For the video essay I was really nervous. I thought my topic was good, but I was nervous about using the camera equipment for the first time. I panicked a little when Dr. Collins said in class that we weren’t supposed to do pans. I had done pans when I had filmed the day before, so I was worried I wouldn’t have enough footage. I had plenty, so that was good. Using Premiere for the first time was extremely frustrating, because I was teaching myself and I felt like it took way too long to edit. But, I am proud of myself for learning and teaching myself. I took note of the things I needed to do, like have more of a variety of shots and to use video transitions, and I got ready for the first Vo and VoSotVo. Watch my video essay here.'

Vo & VoSotVo 1

I definitely felt more comfortable with this assignment. I knew how to use the equipment, I knew how to edit the video, and I thought I was good to go. Well, my Plan A was to film a concert I was planning on going to anyway. Except I got there and it was just not working. If I had gotten there earlier it would’ve been easier, but I definitely didn’t manage my time correctly. So I went with my Plan B which was the International Jayhawk Festival. I believe this video turned out better than the concert would have. I really loved the rich colors and sounds I was able to use in the video and I thought the video had a lot of personality. I really liked how my sound bite came out and I think I chose a really likable person. I still had a few jump cuts but I had way more variety in my shots, except this time my shots were too long. Watch my Vo'here'and my VoSotVo'here.

Vo & VoSotVo 2

This one was on a topic that I really care about: theatre. It’s my second major so I knew that I would get some good footage for it. The play I went to shoot was a show about cyberbullying, so I knew I could write a good script to tie into it. I liked my soundbite because she was very animated and likable. My shots were okay, I wish the set was more interesting because then I probably would’ve enjoyed filming it more. This time I had went too far and I had shots that were way too short. I also should’ve made the person I was interviewing move upstairs to the set, even though that probably wouldn’t have been much better. I really loved the shots I got of her getting her makeup done, though. Watch my Vo'here'and my VoSotVo'here.

Vo & VoSotVo 3

So, when I originally thought we had to do our VoSotVo on a current event I thought I would use the current event I did on anonymous cyberbullying. When I found out we didn’t have to do that, I already and gotten a soundbite that I liked so I thought I was would just roll with it. I wasn’t crazy about my B roll, I thought it was boring honestly. I couldn’t think of anything else to use other than shots of students scrolling through social media and I’m not sure how effective that was. However I loved my Vo footage. I took so many shots of the jazz festival and I knew the nat sound would be really cool. I probably put the audio levels a little too high, but I wanted to make sure you heard the trumpets, saxophones, etc. Next time I will make sure that my transitions aren’t as long. Check out my Vo'here'and my VoSotVo'here.


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One thought on “Cassidy Ragland Self Reflection

  1. Cassidy,

    I think you have done a great job adjusting to the broadcast side of journalism. I remember print journalism was your strong point in the Multimedia Writing class we had together. I think all of your video ideas have good thought with them. I especially liked your third VO where you took time to watch the Jazz Festival. That type of shooting was good, but there could have been more variety. I feel like the guitar player was focused on and we could have seen the rest of the ensemble.

    Other things you can improve in your next few videos are the variety of shots you use. I think the Cyber Bullying video could have played different shots of people in different rooms. Some of the videos have jump cuts that distract the viewer. That is another thing that could be improved.

    Overall, I think your video ideas are great and I am excited to see your improvements over the semester. Your last read for the VOSOTVO in class was really good. I like when you read with energy and excitement. Anyway, I am looking forward to working on a package with you this weekend.

    Jose Montoya

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