Chris Botti

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By, Jessica Moreno

The Theatre in which Chris Botti Performed.

On September 14, at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, Chris Botti featuring Lee Pearson, Reggie Hamilton, Leonardo Amuedo, Holger Marjamaa, Andy Snitzer, Anastasiia Mazurok, Sy Smith, and Rafael Moras; performed an amazing mixture of what a friend called “aggressive elevator music” which in reality was Jazz mixed with Classical.

My Chris Botti Ticket.

The night started with Chris Botti and his band coming on stage with a girl with a violin, at first I was a little confused because violins are mainly in classical music, but on stage there was a guitar, drums, and a piano; all instruments that aren’t really in classical music. But once they started playing it all seemed so beautiful. But he didn’t just play with her; he played with a man playing the saxophone, and a woman singing. They were all combinations that seemed like it wouldn’t sound good but it did and I really liked the way they sounded. I liked how all the musicians played because the music from their instruments blended well but you were still able to tell which sound was coming from where. My favorite part of the performance was when Chris Botti and Leonardo Amuedo played the song they fist played together, which I believe was called “You are not alone”. I really like Leonardo’s voice and to me that part of the performance was just so beautiful and relaxing.

Right before the show started.

I loved how interactive he was with the audience. He talked to us, he walked off the stage and shook the hands of the people on the lower level. He wanted us to get involved so badly that he even broke some of the rules that Krannert had. He told us to take pictures/videos, he told us to move down and sit sun a seat which wasn’t the one we payed for.

When Chris Botti got off the stage and was playing in the audience.

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