Moving with Art

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By Jessica Moreno

Jennifer Monson Talking to us at the beginning of the workshop.

On Thursday October 3rd at the Krannert Art Museum we went to a dance Workshop taught by Jennifer Monson. This experience was unlike any other and it felt very freeing and liberating. I had never gone to a dance workshop and going to this one was unlike anything I thought it would be.

Where we stood outside to do the outside portion of the workshop.

As the workshop was beginning Jennifer asked us to accompany her outside as part of the workshop, I’ll be honest I was complaining because I was cold and didn’t want to be outside, but when we got outside she asked us to close our eyes and she was painting a picture for us to imagine and honestly it was kind of beautiful and relaxing. You could hear the crickets chirping and you could feel the wind on your skin; it was very quiet and loud at the same time because you can hear all the noise around you but no one that was there was speaking except for Jennifer and it was just freeing in a way.

Before we did the partner- eye closed section

Also when we went back inside the museum we did a smilier thing where we sat down and closed our eyes in partners 3 minutes at a time and although I didn’t move around as much as everyone else it felt nice to sit there in the quiet room just kind of thinking and not focusing on anything else but my own body and what it felt like doing in that moment. It all felt very liberating and I really like how it was that everyone was doing it so no one was really watching you. We were all doing our own thing and it felt really nice and freeing.

Allison laying down to see the upside down painting

After we did that, we went off in pair to see the artwork in the museum and try to feel them in a way. Me and Allison went to many different paintings but with this one we really moved our bodies to try and see it and it was as if our bodies were following the painting. We laid on the floor and turned upside down to try and see it better. This really helped in experiencing the artwork in a different way because usually I would walk up to a painting, look at it for a minute, then go on to the next one and with this one I really had spent time admiring it and trying to actually see it. I really liked this experience and I wouldn’t mind doing something like it again if I was given the opportunity.

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