Noche de Baile Latino

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By: Jessica Moreno (MAKEUP EVENT)

The sight when you walked in.

On Saturday October 12, 2019; Krannert Center had an amazing event called Latin Dance Night that was co-sponsored by La Casa Cultural Latina. This event was truly amazing; it was very diverse and and you would see things you would never imagine. They played many different genres of music such as merengue, salsa, cumbia, bachata, banda, etc. It was a very fun and relaxing experience after such a busy and stressful week.

The event was barely starting and some couples were up dancing.

This event was not what I was expecting. When I was on my way there with my friend in my mind I thought it was just be another event trying to be latino and inclusive but failing. My hopes/ expectations for the even were very low and I honestly just went to see what would happen, but when I got there it honestly changed my mind in a second. Right away they were playing salsa and there where a few very diverse couples dancing and although some of them didn’t know the traditional way of dancing the genre, they were doing what their bodies wanted to and enjoying themselves.

Later into the night when everyone was dancing and enjoying themselves.

I really learned that dance can unite people, because although it was called Latin Dance Night, people from many different cultures, ethnicities, and age ranges were there and they were enjoying themselves. Something that stuck with me was an older women, who was using a walker, was dancing to reggeton (which is like Spanish rap). They didn’t care what others thought about them or the way they were dancing, and if they sang to the music or not. They were carefree, stress free, and just being themselves while dancing to some amazing music. This event is just once a semester but it is a much needed dance break that many should go to.

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