Homecoming Concert (makeup event)

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By Jessica Moreno

Before the event started (I couldn’t turn the image)

On Friday October 18, 2019; Krannert Center for the performing arts held its annual University of Illinois Bands Homecoming concert. It was a beautiful concert that consisted if the Wind Orchestra, the Symphony Orchestra, and the Marching Illini in honor of Homecoming week. It was a wonderful experience with beautiful live music, and a great audience.

The audience in the concert.

When we arrived we say that it was mainly alumni and adult coming to see their kids play, so we thought it would be kinda lame, but we were way wrong. The Wind Orchestra opened by playing Vientos y Tangos by Gandolf, and I have to admit this one was my favorite performance of them all. I loved how you felt like you could get up and dance to even if it was Orchestra and you can’t usually dance orchestra. The students playing it were very talented and you could tell that they had practiced a lot to get yo where they were and it was just truly a beautiful experience.

Symphony orchestra getting ready to play.

Right after the Wind Orchestra was the Symphony and the moment they got on stage I was excited. I saw them take out a Harp and I was instantly excited since I had never heard a harp or seen one. The music that comes out of that instrument is one of the most beautiful noises ever. There wasn’t one moment throughout this performance that I wasn’t interested interested. the way they would use their instruments too make notes that their instruments don’t naturally make. the whole performance was so well practiced and perfectly timed that I feel like these students don’t get enough recognition for their hard work

I had never gone to a performance like this one before, but I wouldn’t be opposed to going to another one just for fun. They had 2 orchestras and of course the Marching Illini which as always was amazing, but the orchestras really got to me. I had never seen myself as a person who listens to orchestra or music like that in general, but all the work you could see these students put into their music and how beautifully played it was I would absolutely like to listen to more and just admire it.

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