Wynton Marsalis

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By, Jessica Moreno

Program and Ticket

On November 1st at Krannert Center for Performing Arts, the Wynton Marsalis and his ensemble performed in Foellinger Great Hall and it was amazing. Wynton Marsalis has led this ensemble for over three decades. playing an amazing blend of masterworks by Ellington, Basie, Monk, Mingus, Goodman, and more with original compositions, Lincoln Center-commissioned works, and rare historic pieces. Marsalis ensemble is made of more than 15 of the jazz world's finest soloists and ensemble players. And they are truly remarkable

How Foellinger looked before the performance.

Before starting this class, to me Jazz was a boring assembly I had to go through in the 3rd grade when they bought a Jazz band to play for a bunch of little kids. I didn’t really care for it nor did I really like it. But when this class started and we saw Buddy Guy, Chris Botti, and many other different artist I began to have a greater appriacation for music. And this ensemble was pretty amazing. The way each musician was given solos, and was able to display their talent; and how they were acknowledged for their achievements in an encouraging way was truly amazing . All the musicians seemed to really enjoy what they were doing, and it seemed as if they really enjoyed working with the people they were playing with just seemed special.

During the Performance

What really stuck with me was that after each amazing solo ended, the group would come back together beautifully and just continue the song as if they had been playing together the entire time. It all just seemed to flow so well together and it was just such a soothing sound, that I would definitely recommend others to listen to them.

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