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By Jessica Moreno

The program and a postcard they gave us.

On November 7th, 2019 at Krannert Art Museum, Deke Weaver performed his 5th Unreliable Bestiary project Tiger. Which was very extreme since the beginning but also very eye opening.

Before the show started

In the performance, Deke Weaver tells his story about the tiger using various storytelling/acting techniques . First, he portrays different characters as the story moves along. First, he plays a tour guide -that portrayed by wearing a leather hat-; then, he plays a intellect who lives in India -that is portrayed by wearing glasses and having an soft accented voice-; finally, he plays another character whom searches for tigers by wearing crushed garbage as armory and protection. I felt that by him acting as all these characters he made the performance very amusing, although I was very confused on why she chose these characters.

As the performance was about to start.

Apart form playing the multiple characters, Weaver includes a 'powerpoint' in the background of a mix of videos and photos to help tell his story. The photos and videos help establish the location of where he is telling his story, like being in the forests searching for tiger, or on the plane waiting to land. The videos in between speeches also tell interesting stories and provide important facts and information, which I believe the entire purpose of the show was to inform us about the endangered animals and how we affect them as well.

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