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By Jessica. Moreno

Program and ticket

On November 12, at the Krannert Center for the performing arts Theatre RE performed “The Nature Of Forgetting”. Which was an amazing performance about a middle-aged father who is struggling in the early stages of dementia. It talks about his memories and what he is forgetting.

Waiting for the show to start

The cast used many techniques to show present and memory. The present was set with very traditional stage spotlights, with normal movements and vocals. The acting that the two characters in the present had was loving, but in a way sad. While this showed the present, the way they portrayed the past was completely opposite of how they portrayed the present. There were many musical accompaniments to the complex/different scenes. Also while sometimes cutting into loud white noise as traumatic memories came to mind.The actors were dynamic and even occasionally jagged as memories flowed and cut in amongst each other. The set pieces were few, and reused the whole show, but were recycled in various ways to portray many different scenarios all throughout a lifetime.' They also used dimmed lights and flashing lights to show changes in the memory and when they were cutting from present to memory.

The actor speaking at the end

This play was a great end to all the performances we have seen. I really like the way they showed the difference from past and. memory, and how the whole thing where the same 4 actors. I also like the repletion of event to kinda show effect. I was honestly surprised I liked it and happy I went.

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