Chicago gets its annual auto show on the road

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I’ve never gone to the annual Chicago Auto Show even though I’ve lived in the city for most of my life.

But assignment'four gave me an opportunity to experience the event, and that was the best part about this assignment: It took me'to a place I'wouldn’t have gone otherwise.

Assignment four required us to compile a video essay, which was both fun and a bit challenging, as I’ve mentioned before that I don’t have much experience with shooting videos.

Though you can’t tell in the final video, my unedited video clips are extremely shaky. I was always moving the camera or tripod around because I never thought I was getting a straight-enough shot; it always looked crooked to me. But my over-adjusting caused me to have a difficult time when I started making my final video because I had to sift through a lot of footage that was too shaky to include. I need to learn an easier and quicker way'to set up my camera and tripod to shoot straight shots.

Another thing I had trouble with, with this assignment was time. The only time I could shoot my clips'this weekend was Sunday before I had to go to work. I underestimated the amount of time it would take me to park at the McCormick Place, which took about an hour. That left me with only about an hour to shoot the videos, and I didn’t get to record half of the things I wanted to record.

Despite those troubles, though, I had fun shooting an event I’ve never gone to. It made the assignment interesting, and now I can say that I’ve been to the auto show (and I have'a video that documents my trip).

Take a look at Klaudia Dukala’s fourth assignment.


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2 thoughts on “Chicago gets its annual auto show on the road

  1. Klaudia, I thought that your project was extremely well done and flowed well. While watching the video I felt as if I was at the auto show and I couldn’t automatically spot the cuts between shots as I was caught up in the story that you were displaying. I agreed with Dr. Collins’ point in class that it would have moved the story along to have the names of the cars as lower thirds attributions throughout and a shot or two of peoples faces showing emotional reactions to the cars. Overall I thought that your video was was well put together, told a great story and other than the small things i mentioned was without fault.

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