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The recent travel ban from Donald Trump has had a great impact on students and people in general. A few people from around the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign express their thoughts on the ban.

The recent Executive Order or 'travel ban' initiated by President Trump has had quite a stir on people all over the country. It briefly didn't allow Muslims from seven specific majority Muslim countries into the United States. It has since been appealed by an appeals court, but President Trump plans to make revisions to it and initiate it again. As of right now, Muslims from the seven specific countries can travel to the United States. It has lifted some burden off of the shoulders of people who are from these countries or know people from these countries. However, many people are still afraid and don't know what to expect with Trump's revisions to the ban. Some think he may eventually go after other races and ethnicities as well. In spite of all this controversy, there has been protests and rallies all over the country. Especially at Universities like the University of Illinois. Here is some sound from one of the rallies held on the University of Illinois campus and some feedback from individuals who are dealing with people impacted by the ban.

Many people are actually going through the effects of this ban and it is easy to just dismiss and not pay attention to it. Seeing people like Maryam Sultan, (who was featured in my story) and the steps the RSO'is taking to help people who are impacted was a great thing to see. UMMA'is a the RSO Sultan belongs'to and they'are helping in every way possible which is awesome.'Man Saadah has told me that she is also helping in every way that she can and being supportive of her students. Robin Kaler, was giving me some different resources and programs I could spread around to help those in need. One was the ISSS. Seeing the support and letting the impacted know that they are not alone is the most fulfilling aspect of this story.


This assignment challenged me immensely. I spent a lot of time on this assignment (more than I should have). One of the problems I had was that there were so many quotes and so much information I wanted to include. We were limited to the amount of time we could make our package so it was tough to leave things out that I thought had some value. Recording the voice was also a little tough because the way the package is presented matters. It definitely took some time to get adjusted and fix things to get it right.

This assignment opened my eyes and allowed 'sympathize with what the people impacted by the travel ban are'going through. I couldn’t imagine being a student and being distracted or worried by this travel ban. I have a lot of respect for the students who are going through all of these struggles and still remaining strong. It was really cool and intriguing to actually listen to what these people had to say and concentrate on their thoughts and emotions, given that this assignment was audio only. I really enjoyed this assignment for the fact that it seemed so simple and basic because it is just audio, but there is actually a lot more to this assignment and package.

Here is my package!


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  1. Zack!! What a great audio package. I loved the natural sound in the beginning and the end. It was awesome!! The ending with the chanting was a great decision and really stuck with me.
    I liked the sound of your voice and how it flowed, I just wish you were a little louder. It felt like you were far away. Your soundbites were all very interesting and the volume on those were good. You really did ask the right questions because they added to your story. Overall, your audio package was very well put together and a pleasure to listen to.

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