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Sign outside of the Springer Cultural Center.

The Springer Cultural Center is the home of many events. One in particular is the Bach's Lunch Concerts. It is a great way to enjoy some food and great music at the same time. It is free to the public and is available on select dates. These events usually happen four times during the fall and the spring, don't miss out!

The Power of Music

The Springer Cultural Center didn’t start out what it is today. The venue has some history behind it. On Randolph and Church Street, the building used to be a post office until the Champaign Park District took over according to Cultural Arts Coordinator Michelle Olden.'”It was city offices for a while and after that in 1994 the park district took it over and we remolded it to suit classes we would have here,” Olden said.

Post-Office structure outside of the Springer Cultural Center.

The Cultural Center is the home of many different events for all ages ranging from preschoolers to seniors. It really engages the community and provides various amounts of programs for everyone to enjoy. “We do have art exhibits, Bach's lunch concert series, we have a pottery program, a art program, we have a dance program as well, preschool program; a little bit of everything, something for everybody,” Olden said.

One event in particular is the Bach’s Lunch Concert series. The event has been going on for 18 years according the Olden. The concert is free of charge to the public and food may be provided if ordered the Wednesday before the event. The menu can be accessed here'or one can bring in their own lunch and enjoy their meal to the sweet sounds of music. The Bach’s Lunch Concert series dates and other events can be accessed through the champaign park districts website.

The Katie Flynn Quartet performing live to the audience.

For the concert, The Katie Flynn Quartet was today’s performer. The jazz oriented group and singer, 'Katie Flynn has performed around the Champaign-Urbana area. “I perform at the Iron Post which is in Urbana, that's like a heavy jazz venue…I do sing at the Clark bar here in town, I've sung at Krannert a few times, big grove downtown, back when Boltini was around,” Flynn said. Flynn grew a passion for singing when she was a little girl when her mom dressed her up for church. ” I actually started performing when I was a little girl in church. My mom would put me in these little dresses, these little hats, and I would sing in church,” Flynn continued to say.

But, In order to be perform in the concert series one must submit an application with an audio tape. A performer can also be referred to perform as well. The Cultural Center offers four fall and spring concerts per year, so don’t miss out!

You can access my full concert experience story here!

Hope you enjoy!

-Roger Blanco


Going into the assignment I was coming off the audio segment of the class. Last video my sound was too quiet and inconsistent. So, I made it a goal of mine to try to do better. Overall, this assignment really opened up my boundaries. I had several bumps on the road, but at the end of the day I am happy with my project. 'This assignment was the toughest one yet, due to the fact that it Incorporated everything we have learned. Throughout the whole process it has taught me a lot and I am happy to be doing what I am doing.

During this assignment, my source Michelle Olden preferred not to be on camera, which is totally fine. I’m grateful she allowed me to do my project in the first place. But, with this assignment it really taught me how to be more out there while getting my sources. Prior to this assignments and my other journalism stories, I would never have to call anyone. I usually only e-mail the individual in order to set up an interview. During this assignment, I wasn’t so lucky. It really taught me to aim high and go out there for sources. So, I made my first phone calls to people individually and would seek to get permission to get footage of the event and etc. It gained me experience on how to be more of a professional and strengthen my communication skills.

All in all, I am very happy with my work and hopefully you guys enjoy it and the great music!

Check out my script here:'package script j215

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