International Women’s Day 2017


Recognizing the Importance of Women Everywhere

The members of Love Handles pose for a group shot after their performance Wednesday night at the ISchool.

Women's History Month is celebrated nation-wide throughout the month of March. The University of Illinois' Women's Resources Center organized a number of events this month to recognize local women and girls who have strengthened UIUC's campus and community. ''Wednesday night, the WRC hosted a Women's History Month Kick Off Event at the School of Information Sciences to celebrate women and International Women's Day. 'This year's theme is Be Bold For Change. 'The Champaign based musical group, Love''Handles, came out to perform feminist-powered songs. '

The predominantly feminist cover band aims to amplify the voices of women and artists that are not often heard in mainstream music. 'All members of the band are either current or former staff members of the WRC working to prevent sexual assault on campus.

Ariel Gonzalez organized this kick-off event. '”International Women’s Day to me is a day where we can all come together to celebrate how powerful women actually are and how much of an impact we do have on the world. 'This is something that I think people need to realize everyday,” said Gonzalez. 'Gonzalez also said that since the day is celebrated worldwide, she thinks it brings the whole world a little bit closer together.

Love Handles perform a cover to Paramore’s “The Only Exception” Wednesday night.

Jon Sweitzer-Lamme attended the event. 'He said he would consider himself a feminist because, “it’s common sense…it’s important for men and women to have equal rights.” Sweitzer-Lamme is 'a graduate student in Library Sciences. 'He said that women such as Hillary Clinton and Marsha P. Johnson inspire him. '”Well they’ve fought against such hard odds,” he said. '

Molly McLay has worked at the WRC for over four years and is the co-founder of Love Handles. 'She said it is important to recognize the accomplishments of women both past and present. '”I think we have a long way to go in terms of achieving gender equali

Molly McLay performs alongside her band on Wednesday night.

ty, but we’ve come a long way too,” she said. 'McLay said she believes it is always important to reflect on what people have done before us; i.e. what has set the stage for women to be where they’re at today. '”When we decide to be bold for change, we can make the world better for someone else and probably many other people as well,” said McClay.

Love Handles has a rotating crew. 'Anyone who identifies as a feminist and loves to play music is more than welcome to join the band. 'The Women’s Resources Center will continue to hold events throughout Women’s History Month.


I thoroughly enjoyed attending this event. 'I loved getting to hear such an amazing band perform. 'I’m also glad I got to hear some very passionate people’s opinions on feminism and their thoughts on the important role women play in today’s society, as well as general thoughts on International Women’s Day.

I wish I would have gotten a few more different angles for my b-roll to make the story a bit more interesting. 'Overall, I think I had successful interviews. 'I wanted to make sure I got a man’s perspective on the whole thing in addition to the two women I interviewed, so I thought that turned out well. I’m grateful that the people I talked to were so willing to help me out.

I’m satisfied with my natural sound and video editing. 'I do need to be sure my audio mixing is better for future assignments. 'I also think I have a lot of work to do with my own narration, in terms of sounding more confident. 'I put a lot of time and effort into the editing process. 'And while I still have room for improvement, I am overall'happy with how my video package turned out.

Additionally, I would definitely consider attending more events sponsored by the Women’s'Resources Center to learn more about topics I normally wouldn’t discuss on a day to day basis. 'I would also love seeing the band perform again.

I hope you enjoy. 'You can also check out my script'here.


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  1. Angela,

    First off, great topic. I had absolutely no idea that this existed, and by the end, I felt I had learned so much! Your thumbnail pictures within your post are beautifully composed and executed. I absolutely love the emotion you were able to capture – well done! Your video package was put together very, very well. You had some AMAZING tight shots throughout your entire story. Additionally, I loved your usage of natural sound because it literally felt like I was there listening to the performance. Your story was easy to understand, your voiceovers were conversational and you had some great soundbites from your interviewees. I loved how you included a male source in your story to give a different perspective on feminism. You did such a wonderful job this week, and my only advice to you is to be more confident in your abilities! You are an extremely talented journalist who consistently produces quality work project after project. Own it!

    I’m so proud of you and your improvement this semester. Really, really well done, Angela!


  2. Dear Angela,

    My partner didn’t upload his video package so I thought I would just pick a random person and appreciate his/her work. Congrats, you are the chosen one! Exciting, huh? First of all, I like how you pick international women’s day as your topic because it gives the audience an opportunity to find out what activities were happening on campus in the specific day. It is an amazing way of introducing your story with the natsound of people singing while showing your title slate in the beginning. It really brings out my curiosity of what your story is going to be about and gets me excited because of the music involved. The interview clips are great because you tells the story from a diverse perspective by talking to different people who are trying to raise the awareness of feminism.
    One thing I immediately notice is the pace of your voice. Angela, you made it! I can remember from the last assignment that you were talking really fast but this time let me tell you… you did a good job. The story was written in a conversational way so the audience can hear your narration very clearly. The only way for people to appreciate your beautiful vioce is to read your script in a normal speed so keep up the good work.

    I can’t wait to see your next assignment and I hope you have a great spring break.


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