Teaching Without Borders with ACE

The ACE way of teaching says that everyone and their experiences carry value and will be included in every aspect of the learning environment and lessons. Teaching Without Borders with Active Centralized Empowerment means to address and remove walls that are counterproductive to achieving a fully inclusive environment. This critical pedagogy is used to bring out the best in students, teachers, as well as learning spaces! Unlike the traditional way of teaching, this critical pedagogy is specifically designed to empower and include all students as well as enhance the learning environment. Constructs such as race, gender, sex, physically special, economic backgrounds that can be used as borders that deter and block conversations, oppress students’ voices, existence, and experiences, are transformed into value aspects. The ACE classroom becomes a flowing, learning space of self-value, self-agency and empowerment and inclusionary practices of power within a collective. It is learning in an environment of diverse people, opinions and voices without being marginalized and where the authentic Self is appreciated, welcomed, included and respected.  It is teaching the Human Being who happens to be a Student and learning and succeeding together. Tested, used and developed over 15 years, Dr. Janice Marie Collins says it is a fun and involved way to teach subjects while learning and practicing the true meaning of inclusion. 

Our Mission?

Our Mission is simple. To Actively make sure each student is given the opportunity to rise to their optimal performance and to Actively center Inclusion within the Pedagogy on all levels. ACE is metacognitive in its approach, addressing the obvious as well as the not so obvious marginalized human beings who happen to be students. This is done by allowing people to be who they are, authentically and incorporating Emotional and Multiple Intelligence, Cross-Cultural Competence and Intersectionality into the classroom so that each student can have equal opportunities to do well and Empower themselves. Instead of being marginalized, ACE spaces allow each individual to Actively Centralize themselves on what is unique and special about who they are and then use this self-agency and self-value to Empower themselves to move from the margins. It is an inclusive and enjoyable way of learning where everyone has a voice and are important and integral agents within a collective.

Inclusionary Stories & STEM Storytelling

By including inclusionary storytelling in all of my classes, across different countries, disciplines, and age groups, I have found that participation of underrepresented students and students found in the majority is enhanced. Each of these online stories were produced by students  working as groups to, intentionally and deliberately, de-marginalize something that needed to be centered.  

Professional Standards For Professors On Social Media

By Joey Gelman Social Media and the First Amendment have been a combination that has brought much debate on how to properly govern works on

Domestic Abuse On College Campuses

When men are the victims By Elise Feltman Domestic abuse toward Men October is domestic violence awareness month. Amidst the crisp weather and colorful leaves,

Social Media In The Gradebooks

Ever-changing and ever-growing, social media has begun to be incorporated into the University of Illinois’ curriculum.

Off the Shelf and Online Reflection Blogs

A series of self-reflections from students about each assignment they completed from the beginning of the semester to the end of the semester. These reflections assist in developing critical thinking, accountability and responsibility, self-esteem, value and agency. It is wonderful to see how each student improved and grew from one assignment to the next as well as supported one another in class via their blogs. Taking stories and their work Off the Shelf for a closer look and sharing their work, lessons and progress Online. 


Self-Reflection blogs produced by students in multimedia/online classes.


Self-Reflection blogs of intermediate and Advanced students in broadcast/online journalism classes. 

Fine Arts

Self-Reflection blogs of Freshmen students in Fine Arts classes of Discovery!

Don't Panic! During the Pandemic

Student-produced news blog articles that covered how the media covered the pandemic and Final Self-Reflection blogs by the same students on how the pandemic affected them, their work and their lives. 

Workshops & Labs

Various single-entry blogs from various students of varying ages and education levels who participated in ACE-framed workshops and labs directed by Dr. Collins. 

Services & Books

Times and Demographics are rapidly changing. Our Students need to be ready and skilled in handling diversity, inclusion, and leadership within Collectives. Check out the snapshot of Active Centralized Empowerment Services and Publications that you can purchase or sign up to “sign in” with Dr. Collins! Let’s ACE it!!!!

Teaching Without Borders: Creating Equity and Inclusion through Active Centralized Empowerment

by Dr. Janice Marie Collins

From 15 years of research and over 30 years of experience, the critical pedagogy, Active Centralized Empowerment: Teaching Without Borders was developed. Multiple award winning educator, scholar, researcher, creative, and journalist, Dr. Janice Marie Collins, shares strategies on how to be more inclusive in empowering ways for your students and learning environment, no matter the discipline or educational level. You will learn strategies of teaching the human being who happens to be a student. Experience and research-based, this critical pedagogy is timely and essential for teaching in today’s diverse world. Together, we can make the world and learning spaces better, more effective, and more inclusive—one student and one class at a time. I hope you enjoy my book and ACE’ing it in the classroom. It is your Preparation for Elevation and Application toward ACE’ing it! 

Prominent Race Educator & Expert Jane Elliott calls it "A Great Read ! and “found it extremely timely and hope that lots of people, especially those in the field of education will buy it and read it.”

"It takes a rainbow of individuals to make the world a better place...but your healing must begin with you." I encourage you to engage in Active Centralized Empowerment...and view yourself, your struggles and your opportunities in a different light. Active Centralized Empowerment (A.C.E.) is a groundbreaking, game-changing paradigm and module that has the potential to change all of Black America (this paradigm may also be used for anyone of any race, gender, sex, or ethnicity who feels marginalized). It will change how we view ourselves, consequently, how others view and interact with us as well. Through the prism of A.C.E., we can all move toward creating an ideal world of mutual respect and love of one another as well as compassion and empathy. A place of peace and self-empowerment - bringing us all closer to each other by developing our true, authentic, positive Self. Available for individuals and classes on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kindle.!

Speaking Engagements

Let me introduce you to the Steps to help get yourself, your classrooms, your communities, and organizations Actively Centralized and Empowered!!! It is your Preparation for Elevation and Beyond! Understand not just the ideas, but practical strategies for change! I am the Inclusive Dynamic Motivational Speaker, Coach, Cheerleader and Leader that can help you reach your Optimal Performance and Purpose! If you are ready to take that step, send me an email @ACEactivated@outlook.com or give me a call at (312) 833-5407! I look forward to speaking with you and working together to ACE it!!!

Activities of Inclusion and Diversity

Preparation Elevation Application

Life on Stage

Preparation: Allow students to pick a fictional or nonfictional character that best depicts who they are or how they see the world. Elevation: connect the aspects of the fictional character to themselves and how this characteristic can be used in a positive way Application: Connect this human aspect to an exercise (stage or video play) for the class such as a fictional story.

The Missing Piece

Preparation: In general studies, select a story from social media or the news.
Elevation: Ask the students to discuss what is missing, who is missing, what voice is not included from the story, or why they think this omission has occurred.

Application: Have the students work in groups to come up with a solution to this problem of the Missing Piece not being included.

Pragmatic & Emotional

Preparation: Discuss real problems here in the United States and/or abroad that are affecting a marginalized group or population.
Elevation: Move from looking at the problem in pragmatic ways to encouraging students to talk about the emotional implications brought on by this problem not being solved.

Application: In groups, with a student leader selected, discuss how this problem can be addressed and resolved in pragmatic ways and emotional ways.

For Descriptions and Instructions on these and other Activities, including Leadership & Inclusion ThruLines and Other Nice TidBits, order your copy of Teaching Without Borders! 

Inclusion with Power Media Content
Nationally & Globally

From All Over the World and here in the states, voices are being heard and used to Educate, Empower, Include and practice Empathy and Compassion and Encouragement. There is power in Storytelling-whether it is used for ACEing it in the classroom, connecting to other countries for Sustainable and Development Goals, practicing Responsible Media Messaging, or simply bringing Global Citizens together. 

Check Out "HearMyVoiceOnline.com" (HMV) Inclusionary Website!