Life in the eyes of the U of I by Benjamin Samuelson

Photo by Ben Samuelson

College…, books, studying, writing, exams… it all can be tough, and sometimes, living on campus can be even tougher. I found out, the difference between hard or easy, really depends on your perspective and it’s not as bad as you think it can be.

Indirect Exercise

Living on campus isn’t hard. Your classes may be in different buildings, but it doesn’t hurt to walk. If you’re too lazy to walk, you could ride a bike, or skateboard, or even roller blade to class. Once you find the building your classes are in, you’ll know where to go for the future. Hard has now become easy…AND…you’re getting into shape.

Photo by Ben Samuelson

This picture shows a lady running to just get some exercise.


So, you’ve found your class. But, when you’re not hitting the books or sitting in class you could go for run or play basketball or soccer at the athletic center, or you could just chill with friends.

While the students are hitting the books and enjoying the outdoors, there are teachers and staff inside buildings making sure we get the best education, and having fun while doing it.

I got the chance to speak with 3 special administrative assistants in the College of Media. My question? What is it like sitting inside working while everybody else is outside enjoying the amazing weather? Listen:

Take a peak at my video here

With the information I gave you, and the help of the 3 interviews I did, I hope that you can see that living on a college campus isn’t hard. Once you find your classes, you won’t have to look for it again, if you don’t want to walk, you can ride a bike, either way you’re staying in shape. While you’re outside, enjoying the weather, and relaxing, there are AMAZING administrative assistants and teachers/professors inside the buildings ALWAYS looking for ways to make sure you get the best education, and have fun while you’re doing it.'Thank you for reading my article. If you are a senior in high school and interested in checking out the University of Illinois, please go online to:


At first I didn’t want to come to this camp because I thought it was going to be boring and full of 'my teacher going through step by step on how to be a journalist. HOWEVER! When I arrived here, it actually became a lot of fun. We got to choose our own topic and go out and actually take pictures of things that are relevant to our topic. When we weren’t at our academy learning, it was just as fun. I made a lot of new friends, and actually got to do some things I wanted to do, like play soccer and basketball. I had SOOOO much fun at the Illini Summer Academy and can’t wait to hopefully come back next year.

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