Environment H.A.P.N.S. at the U of I by MyKeisha Wells


The University of Illinois (U of I) establishes several environmental aspects that attain a beautified campus, in which everyone can benefit.


As one walks on the U of I campus – predominantly during the summer time, it is noticable how the smiles, laughter, and vibe naturally bounce from person to person. There are students jogging, riding bikes, reading books, laying in the grass and professors engaging in light conversation with one another. This ultimately enables visitors to see and feel the humanity and compassion throughout the campus, which is appreciated.

Two gentlemen enjoying the weather on campus. Photo by MyKeisha wells


Photo by MyKeisha Wells

(Kelly Stauskin speaks of her experience on the environment of the campus- “every staff member and every professor that we’ve talked to have been super gracious and nice..”)





The U of I is also a college campus that provides accessibility to those who are disabled, by having constructed larger elevators, wider walkways and hallways, and offering resident halls that have rooms for those in wheelchairs and wheelchair accessible bus systems.

Photo by MyKeisha Wells

Click'here for more information on the University’s accessibility.






Not only is the U of I prosperous in humanity and accessibility for students, professors, and visitors, it is very persistent in spreading positive environment. The University allows the 4-H program to conduct the Illini Summer Academies annually on

A delegate in the Journalism academy, Jazmine Hall, taking photos.
Photo by MyKeisha Wells

the campus. Delegates stay in the resident halls for a week, participate in educational academies, like journalism or agriculture, team-building, and extra-curricular activities, all while learning everything the university has to offer.







On the campus, there is an endless amount of beauty. The grass is a bright green, always mowed; the flowers are colorful and release heavenly scents; birds chirps, and squirrels wait for friendly folks to pass and toss them bits of their lunch. The nature aspect of the environment on the U of I campus is splendid and superbly kept.

Photo by MyKeisha Wells
Photo by MyKeisha Wells
Photo by MyKeisha Wells


Photo by MyKeisha Wells
Photo by MyKeisha Wells



Lastly, the security of the those on the campus is clearly important. The U of I ensures that people feel safe. There are many emergency post around the campus, fire extinguishers in every building, and there are signs on doors and poles that prohibit smoking and enforce a gun-free 'campus.


Photo by MyKeisha Wells









Overall, the University of Illinois is an excellent campus, that has a very conducive environment. The U of I guarantees a humane environment, accessibility for all, positive vibes, beautiful nature, and a secured campus that attracts student.

Photo by MyKeisha Wells




That is what H.A.P.N.S. when your university’s environment is substantial.






MyKeisha Wells


Me. Photo by Jazmine Hall


The Journalism Academy was actually not what I thought it was going to be walking in the first day. I thought that we were just going to write freely and share with the class. Instead, we made an entire blog/news article, with pictures we took ourselves, all in 'the short span of three days. All of this involved technology and media I had never used, or properly used before, and so it was frustrating at first. However, professor Collins was very patient and encouraging.

The first day, our task was to choose a topic based on the University or the Illini Summer Academies we were attending and then find pictures. I am used to taking selfie pictures on Snapchat or simple photos on my phone, so when I got my hand on a real, professional canon camera, I was nervous. Once I went outside and started snapping pictures, I found something in myself that I probably would have never know if I had not attended this academy- I AM A REALLY GOOD PHOTOGRAPHER! I felt free with the camera in my hands. Professor Collins broke down that when you are taking pictures, you need a money shot, that is your best picture, it is the picture that draws everyone’s attention… I captured that without even realizing. It made me feel really awesome.

The second day, we began working on our stories. I have always been a decent writer, but I found creating this newsletter extremely overwhelming in the begining 'because you can’t just write. You have to answer a question AND the five W’s and the H. When you write something, the readers have to see it (hence all of my photos). There has to be a headline, a sub-headline, a body, and a conclusion- all while covering the three C’s- conversational, clear, and concise. Oh, but that is not it, you also have to conduct an interview or retrieve an audio recording and links to outside sources for credibility in your story.

On the third day, we had to write a reflection and publish both our stories and the reflection. With all of that, somehow, I managed to complete the project. I am truly proud of myself and my peers within the Journalism academy, and appreciative of professor Collins for her liberality. Through this academy, I was able to identify new strengths.




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