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How do you spend your free time on campus?

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Ever heard from an elder or a parent to “use your time wisely?”

Time is precious, so use it while you can. Colleagues from all around U of I in Champaign spend most of their summer days studying. But what happens when you are not studying or you’re not in a natural learning environment?

Photo By: Robionne W.

I spoke with, Jakob, a former U of I student, who just so happens to be here on campus helping the new students get registered for the fall. He says finding fun things to do, is never a problem, especially when it comes to Green Street.'Listen.

Jakob also told me not only the fun things he did while he was on campus but when he actually did them. Jakob mentioned he took a lot of online classes for his major and he had a lot of free time during the day. He also says he didn’t spend all of his free time chilling on Green Street. He also spent some of his free time in his dorm studying like most students.

Photo By: Robionne W.

After hearing this my mind started brainstorming all of these ideas to do here at U of I. Every time you turn around you feel the slight breeze from the bikes pedaling past you. All I were to see around me was people lying on the ground with their nose in a book or them sitting at the picnic tables surfing the web on either their phones or on the laptops.

Photo By: Robionne W.


When I had the option to pick something for the 2017 Illini Summer Academy I immediately picked journalism because of my love for writing. When I got to the class and saw all the equipment we would be using for the next 3 days I was shocked. That first day I was a little puzzled on what the main task was going to be, but Dr. Collins helped me through every step of the way.

One of my favorite parts was getting to go out and take pictures of all the things that were happening on the campus weather is was a person sitting on the grass reading a book, or it was a group of people hanging out at a nice and quiet restaurant. A part that I thought was a little tricky was when we had to come back and think of our story to go with our pictures. I was getting a little confused and didn’t know what I should have written about and what to do at that point. I finally chose my topic thanks to the help of Dr. Collins and all of these ideas popped into my head that quick.

Through all of the picture taking, interviews, making sound bites, and uploading I finally have a finished report with interviews, hyperlinks and nice and clear self-taken photos.

I thought this was a great experience not only because of all the new stuff I learned but also getting to meet new people. I would definitely consider coming back to something like this!'

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