What’s It’s Like to Attend U of I – Kayla Mingus

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What to do Around the Campus.


Photo by Kayla Mingus.

Searching for a fun college to attend? Worried about what to do during your free time between classes? Wondering what the classes will be like and if you’ll have any free time (you will!)? During my stay on the U of I campus I have found the answers to these questions.


Photo by Kayla Mingus.

The University of Illinois, in Urbana-Champaign, is a great place to attend school. It’s family friendly, so whenever you feel homesick, bring your family and take them on a tour of the college. If you haven’t applied and/or you’re worried about getting lost, come down during the summer where campus tours, led by current and past students, are given 'to show your parents there’s nothing to worry about.



Photo by Kayla Mingus..

Now that the parents aren’t worried, you and other future students can walked around and get a feel for the ground. To hear about what life is like for an average student, listen to a second-year student here.' ' ' ' ' ' ' ''





So what is there to do? For starters the Quad is agreat place to be, possibly one of the best on campus. There’s so much to see and do. There’s almost always some type of game, whether its football or frisbee, where anybody can join. Some students head to the Quad to enjoy some fresh air or to meet up with friends for a good time. It’s also a great place to walk an adorable pet, such as Lexie, who will just soak up that summer warmth. While walking through the Quad , you could end up at Campus Town. Campus Town is a beautiful place to eat out with friends or have a fun shopping day with your pals.

Photo by Kayla Mingus.
Photo taken by Kayla Mingus.


Photo by Kayla Mingus.

Not only is U of I a great place to place to attend college, it’s a great place to hold camps. I have been going to ISA for four years, and it is always a blast getting to sleep in real college dorms and'take a real'course, really getting that feel of a college student and working on those leadership'skills. ISA is a 4-H program open to high schoolers that allows kids a glimpse of the college life. The academies are taught by the same teachers that teach the college students. ISA helps kids, such as Robbie, who took Journalism, discover more about themselves and let them go home with a new skill.



For more information on the college, click:


For more information about 4-H, click:


' ' ' ' ' ' ' Reflection

Picture of the author. Photo taken by Robbie.

My name is Kayla, I have going to be a senior this year and it is my 4th time attending ISA. This year i went to Journalism: Finding Your Voice. We were given an assignment to write a blog entry, which she would put on her site, here. First we had to go out and take pictures of what we wanted to write about. This started out difficult for me because i had no idea what I wanted to do. Professor Collins suggested that we take photos of things we liked, then come back and decide what theme matches our pictures. So some friends and I went out and I started snapping pictures of the students. I realized that I was going to write about the students life and why people should attend school here. After awhile, taking pictures became easy, but we still had another assignment: interview someone. As someone who isn’t big on chatting up strangers, this was very difficult. My friends and I decided to get all our pictures in on the first day and then do the interview the next day. Once we swallowed our nerves and ask a group of students, it wasn’t so bad. We came back and wrote up the blog. The writing portion wasn’t difficult because I had been making mental notes as I took the pictures. Trying to edit the video was a little stressful, but Professor Collins assisted me and I figured it out. I will admit that at first, i was a little skeptical of how well the class would 'go. I wondered how we’d be able to get all of this in three days. At the end, i was pretty amazed we finished on time with great blogs. I have learned how to get an action shot of someone on a skateboard. I also learned a ton about video editing, which is something I’ve always wanted to know. I got to meet so many awesome people and made memories I laugh about for years. My first year i took Creative Writing, then Chemistry, then Astrobiology, and finally this, Journalism. Sadly, this is my last year. However, if I was able to go next year, I’d sign up in a heart beat. I Hope this blog as taught you a little more about the campus of U of I and I hope those who are able to go it ISA decides to go.

Thanks for reading.

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