Join 4-H to learn college life at the University of Illinois!


Joining 4-H and touring the campus.

By-Sher lei

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 'Do you ever wonder what it would be like to live on campus? Are you afraid that you won’t fit in with other college students or get any friends? Do you ever wonder what kind of 'things you will do when you get to college? I’m not a college student but I ask these question in my head because I’m part of 4-H. Not only did I ask the questions, I took the pictures.

This is the picture of the Quad and the building to the far left is follinger Auditorium.


The first picture I took is this building and it’s called Follinger Auditorium.It’s on the Quad, which is a big open space that’s surrounded by building.

The Alma Mater is at the edge of the quad.

' ' ' ' ' ' 'Here is a picture of the Alma Mater and it’s on the edge of the Quad. You can also take some pictures in front of both Follinger and the Alma Mater.

It was a great day to go outside and read a book.

There’s a guy reading a book on the field in the Quad. this looks relaxing. You can play, read, sleep, do experiments and so much more on the Quad.

The 4-H students are the one wearing orange shirt.

Here are some 4-H students doing an experiment and a person with a bicycle by his side sleeping. The 4-H students are here to learn and have fun at the the summer academies.

This little guy came up to me so I took the photo of him.

For those of you who like animals or have never hada wild animal come close to you, you would be surprised to discover that squirrels here are not really afraid of you. I was surprise that the squirrel came up to me because where I’m from, the squirrel would have ran away.


This painting support the mission of the Illini Union.

Here’s a colorful picture that caught my eye in the Illini Union. As you can kind of see there are words on the painting and I like the very last sentence when it said,”We can ‘come together’ to work,learn and have fun.”

There was many tour on that day and this is one of the tour group.

' ' ' ' ' ' ' Here are some students that will be going to this college and the two in the front with the orange shirt are college students in this school and they are the tour guide for those students.

This shop is in the campus town and you have to go down stairs to find this shop.

There is a photo of a shop in the campus town where you can buy food and cloths there.That where me and my friends go and you could go hand out there too.

In this college some students take pictures of buildings like I did, the college students help by being a tour guide for those who come to this school. You can go to the campus town to buy food or clothes and hand out with your friends or family.In nature on the campus Quad you will find some animals, people sleeping/resting on hammock that was tied to trees.also some students ride bikes or skateboards and college students doing activities with little kids.

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My name is Sher lei and my friend Robionne took this picture of me. I’m fourteen years old and I came to the University of Illinois because I was curious of what Journalism,the campus and how a college life is like. In journalism I got to take some pictures and write about it. I also have to do a interview, at first it was hard but as I started to ask the question it got easier. It was fun being here.

Thank you for reading.

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