Helen Luna: Blog Post 1

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The first day of class, I was unable to get my car started and I wasn’t able to make it. From that first moment I thought “I can already tell how bad this semester is going to be…” but I was wrong. It definitely hasn’t been easy but I know that I am learning and have already learned some very useful skills that will help me in my career. Although I’m still working on being more comfortable, I’m not nearly as afraid to present as I was just last month and I know that by the end of the semester I will have gotten so much better at speaking to an audience.

Our first assignment was the video essay. I actually had a lot of fun working on it. I started out outside… I was going to make a video essay about my neighborhood but due to the wind and the amount of noise I was dealing with, I had to restart. At that point, I didn’t have too much time until I had to turn in my camera so I had to think of something fast. I then decided I’d make a quick tutorial on how to make french toast. I had fun in the process and I think I got some really good shots the only problem I ended up having was with my audio.

When we were assigned the VOSOTVO, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I tried to think of something to do with the recent change in temperature and came up with the idea to ask my friend about how that affected her gym going experience. I liked where I was going with it at first but I think I got a little carried away. When looking over my script I felt like I wasn’t really clear about what my subject was. As far as my video, I had some unnecessary pans and know now not to do that. As far as my presentation, I feel like I really wasn’t able to deliver it with excitement and I know for my next project I need to write better so I can read more conversationally.


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