Reflection of VO’s and VOSOTVO’s Courtney Johnson

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When we received our first project I was happy because I knew exactly what I wanted to do. That went down the drain fast because I overthought my Video Essay. I’m glad we started with that project because that allowed me to understand how I should do my VO and VOSOTVO. I took the critiques from my Video Essay and applied them to my most recent projects. Looking back on my Video Essay, I could have edited my shots better, got better angles and did wide, medium and tight shots.

Our next project was VO’s and VOSOTVO’s and I constantly overthought each one. I never did a VOSOTVO before this class. I was extremely nervous and scared that it would turn out horrible, considering I was the only student that never used Adobe Premiere before. I thought my first VO and VOSOTVO was good for my first try. On my VO, I need padding in case I mess up my script or we dip to black during a live broadcast. On my VOSOTVO, I know my timing was off a little when I read my script.

My second try at my VO and VOSOTVO went well but there is still room for improvement. My VO was much easier because I realized I just had to cut out my interview from my VOSOTVO. I think my shots could have been longer but I wanted them to everything before I started padding. My VOSOTVO needs a lot of improvement. My b-roll was good shots but my interview could have been better. I planned to do an interview the week after I shot the b-roll, but since we had a snow day Tea @ Three was canceled. So, I went to my plan b. My SOT was too dark and the audio was very low. The background could have been lively or KU related.

My final VO and VOSOTVO is where I put my critiques into action. I thought my shots were a little dull for my VO and VOSOTVO. I added padding to both my VO and VOSOTVO to cover any mistakes. I believe if I got more b-roll for my VOSOTVO it would’ve looked a lot better. It was challenging to do both of these because I had to think of two completely different events to shoot. I guess learning how to swim isn’t so bad.'

All of these VO’s has helped me improve my writing and my editing. I started out clueless and now I feel like I can easily shoot a VO or VOSOTVO if I’m asked.


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One thought on “Reflection of VO’s and VOSOTVO’s Courtney Johnson

  1. Courtney!!

    I am so proud at how far you have come. It has been fun to watch you grow as a journalist. The video essays that we all started with, you had yours all in one long shot and I remember Dr. Collins commenting on it, and from there your VOSOTVO 3 was so well done. The shots you took were interesting, you did well making sure your interviews lined up, and your stage precense when narrating was well done. The only note I have for you is to just make sure you deliver your Voice Overs with power, but overall you ahve done a great job making sure to take what you learned and keep moving forward with it. I cant wait to work with you on the packages, I think we will make a great team.
    Keep working hard!

    -Emma Fotovich

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