Grant DeMars

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I think that the video essay was a good project to start out with. I didn’t have a clear vision of what I wanted to do until I got to Clinton Lake and saw how cool the lake looked partially frozen over was. I think I got some good shots with great nat sound of the ice cracking as the water hit. However, as I moved around I think my white balance got a little messed up because I was shooting so much white, frozen ice. I definitely should have double checked it to make sure but thought it would’ve been fine since it was on auto.

My first VO and VOSOTVO were decent stories, but I feel like they could’ve been better packages because it was hard to condense all of the information into such a short piece. It also wasn’t very visual. I should’ve gone to the union to get shots of real jerseys with price tags one them for B-roll as well. If I packaged this, I’d include an interview from someone in KU’s licensing department.

My second VO and VOSOTVO was about a topic I’m very interested in and passionate about, the opioid epidemic. It was something I covered heavily last summer during my internship, and I wanted to do a piece of my own here in Lawrence. Once again, I think the story was almost too broad for a VO or VOSOTVO. One problem I noticed is that my interviewee was looking up at me because I was standing and not sitting. I also would have liked to use more shots of opioid drugs from CNN Newsource, but for the sake of the assignment I didn’t. I could have tried to get in touch with a pharmacist and shoot my own though. I would like to eventually get more stuff together on this story and turn it into a longform package, because I’m trying to create a mini-series over the opioid epidemic called “Hooked.” I’ve been thinking about this project for awhile, and think it could really be something interesting.

There were several issues with my last VOSOTVO. I shot everything in a big hurry because I wanted to use it for my show, The Next that day. I didn’t get enough shots, so I had to repeat some and they were also a little shaky. For the show, it was originally a package, so I had to take out some information in order to meet the time limit of a VOSOTVO. During the interview there was a glitch, which I think could’ve been due to exporting it wrong.

I definitely should have shot more for my last VO as well. I would’ve liked to go inside the school, but didn’t. I wasn’t sure if I should have left the images still or gradually make them bigger, but I just left them to play it safe.

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2 thoughts on “Grant DeMars

  1. I really liked your video essay. I feel like the shots you got and the NAT sound were really good. I know you mentioned it in your reflection but I see what you mean about how you might’ve messed with the white balance. I feel like next time you could just double check the video when you get back in your car just in case you weren’t able to tell how it looked outside. Otherwise I really liked it! With your first VO and VOSOTVO I thought you had some nice shots. I thought it could’ve used a longer SOT to make it a little more interesting.
    I really liked the story in your second VO and VOSOTVO. I feel like you could’ve created a really cool package from it. I was a little caught off guard by the split up SOT but I feel like it had to do something with the way your script was. In your third VOSOT, I felt like it really needed the NAT sound but I liked the shots you got. I liked the shots in your last VO as well but I feel like maybe getting a couple more would’ve made it better! All in all I think you’re doing really well and obviously improving as we’re learning more about things. Over the course of the assignments, I can see how your stories are more newsworthy too!

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