Final Reflection-Olivia Roberts

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At the beginning of this semester, I was a scared timid student who absolutely had no foundation of the level of journalism I needed to know for this 550 class. With that being said, I’ve never encountered more stress and tears in my life over a class. So where do I even begin… Should I start at explaining to you the real life lessons I was taught by Dr. Collins? Or should I begin telling you the level of improvement I reached from the beginning to end of this semester?

Well… in general, I am so thankful for this class. This class taught me I can do anything I put my mind to. Which, anybody can until they are truly tested. What really tested me was putting in all the effort I possibly had without having the foundation I needed to even get me started. I honestly had to teach myself from the ground up. By first, learning what a VO and VOSOTVO meant. Everybody in this class already knew what they were and what they meant so that already put me behind and my confidence level sunk quickly. But nonetheless, I picked myself up and kept going. Because in reality thats all we really can do. This class has taught me so much about myself, about life, about school, about being a good student, about loving/helping others around you that I was truthfully sad for this class to come to an end. So… the only thing my classmates and I still have to remember this class by is the group chat Dr. Collins wanted us to create at the beginning of this seamster. We all still communicate in even though the semester is now over.


My first project I had for this class was called a video essay. This video essay was where Dr. Collins let us begin by showing her our skill level and expertise on story telling. We were able to tell any story we wanted. What better way to begin your first project by showing everybody your best friends 21st birthday party! This was a fun, exciting project I liked because it was a way where I could produce, create, and edit the video how I wanted it. I wanted my viewers to be just as excited as I was to watch this video. So I wanted to add close shots of her face, people laughing, and bring out the emotion of the party by telling the main character’s story.


' ' '

My first VO/VOSOTVO were fun to create. The Chef of the sorority house I live in allowed me to capture his daily routine for lunch. “Chef Nate” and a “Warm Meal” show Chef Nate preparing and executing his medal prices throughout the day. These two videos show how he creates meals for my sorority house… because its a lot of work trying to feed 100+ women! The only thing I had some trouble on was trying to get good angles to show the viewers. Furthermore, this was my second time learning how to become better with the Adobe software so these two projects took me awhile.'VO 1'''''VOSOTVO 1'


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My second VO/VOSOTOV were interesting to shoot. I wanted to shoot something that I found interest in, that I enjoyed listening to and that I could expand my knowledge on. So I found out that CAPS was holding a seminar about mental health and how it can effect students. This was my first time bringing a camera into a seminar. A lot of people were suspicious about the camera. But it all turned out OK and I was allowed to recored. VO 2 'VOSOTVO 2


' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 'My third VO/VOSOTVO were fun to shoot. My VO was about kids/family time at the Natural history museum at KU. I captured emotional, fun-filled shots of kids, parents, and grandparents. It was a happy time and the Natural History Museum was very nice to let me video this event. I became more confident as asking officials and those who put on events if I can shoot. My VOSOTVO, was also exciting to shoot. I watched a two hour Puerto Rican film about a man trying to find a better life in the United States. These two projects were fun and informative.

VO 3'''''VOSOTVO 3


' '

My first package was fun to create. I worked with my partner in the class, Jackson. Jackson and I got along really well and had a great time together. We worked on our first package about two KU basketball players and coach Bill Self. It was fun seeing a different aspect of journalism, diving into the sports sides of things. I met new people while doing it and even got to see a live standup for one of the KC sports shows.'First Package 1



My second package was done by myself. I was very excited to write a story on the topic I did, which was the renovations of the KU freshman dorm halls. This was thrilling to learn what actually went on in the freshman dorm halls by getting down to the nitty gritty of why the KU freshman dorm halls are so outdated and unhealthy to live it. It was interesting getting to interview three people and listening to their different view points on the topic. I enjoyed going out and shooting the shots as well. I liked watching the reconstruction of the dorms and seeing the dirty environment the freshmen live in and call home. I was glad I could cover this story and make sure to keep people aware that the freshman dorm halls need to be renovated and kept up to date. I enjoyed doing an informational piece for this class.'Second Package'


My news break was so exciting to create and do. This was my favorite yet. I loved being able to act like I was a “real life” news anchor. Even though writing a script was hard for me at the beginning, I became ore confident and soon was able to love writing scripts. My favorite part was being able to make the script as exciting and interesting as I wanted it to be. I loved dressing up, seeing my classmates all dressed up and acting professional. Not other people I would have rather experienced those two news breaks than with the people I did it wth. Towards the end of my news break, I had to keep talking for 15 more seconds. That was the first time ever I was put on spot like that on live television. Im glad I experienced that though so I can be better next time. I was proud of myself for trying to look as natural as possible. I was told I looked very sincere on camera.'News Break'


In conclusion, this journalism 550 class was one of my favorite classes I have ever taken in my entire student career. I thoroughly enjoyed my classmates, my professor and the projects that were assigned. I will be forever grateful for the obstacles I overcame. I will never forget all the memories and laughter, stress, and tears this class brought to my life. So… thank you to the 550 class for giving me a memory I will never forget! And thank you Dr. Collins… for showing me how a professor will go to the ends for her students because she cares so much for them. Thank you for teaching me how not to take life for granite and always enjoy the present because you never know where life may take you tomorrow. Oh, and thank you for teaching me what a VO, VOSOTVO, a package and a stand-up was.

-Olivia Roberts

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