The Colors of Chicago

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Written by Andrew Duran,

Image by Andrew Duran

Being raised in the city of Chicago, you begin to pick up on the colors that the city begins to depict. The sound of late night trains screeching to a stop and the feeling of a current bouncing in between two large buildings is unique to the city.

Image by Andrew Duran
Image by Andrew Duran

The two pictures that were posted above capture Chicago in a light that encompasses beauty, stillness, and peace. The characteristics portrayed by these artists are what a lot of outsiders tend to attribute to the city of Chicago. Although Chicago is a beautiful place, the beauty is hidden beneath countless horrors and divisiveness. It’s easy to possess a fishbowl view and see what appeals to the majority, but when you begin to peel back the layers you begin to realize the landscape isn’t what you once imagined.

Image by Andrew Duran

When I first witnessed this image, I can see aspects of Chicago that is more personable to my own experience. Through the bright yellow colors and the way it contrasts with the red to create a pop art sort of style, it gives off this feeling of liveliness that is perfect to the understanding of Chicago as whole. Additionally, the way this man is depicted translates that living in Chicago possesses its struggles. This man is disembodied and has little life in his eyes, and, growing up in Chicago, it can be easy to see how the city takes different pieces away from you.

Image by Andrew Duran

This final piece was one that I spent the most time analyzing, and the more I found myself with the picture the more detail I felt was being uncovered. What I enjoyed about this piece was that, no matter how much time you spend with it, there is always something new to discover. At first glance, it gave off this cold aura as you see different sorts of machines scattered throughout the image. As you continued to analyze, you begin to put the different pieces in the image together to bring life to the portrait as a whole.

In comparison to Chicago, Chicago offers a different sort of life each and every day that you live. With each turn you take, there’s always an uncertainty to what’s around the corner. However, that is only part of the mystery of living a Chicago style of life.


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