“Something For Everyone…A Comedy Tonight!”

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Written By: Fatimah Ibidunni

If this class keeps going at this rate, I am going to go to every theater production that the Krannert Center for Performing Arts puts on because… WOW. Click below to read more about the amazing performance at Krannert this Thursday.

This week our class went to the theater. For the first time in the semester, we went to see a musical. AND WAS I EXCITED! Pulling up to Krannert Center I had no idea what to expect. I entered the lobby from the elevator and walked into the theater anticipating'what was to come. I met my classmates and we waited in wonder.

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We were seated so close to the stage. I couldn’t believe that we had such amazing seats for the performance. The lights started to dim and I knew that I was in for a treat right from the beginning. I immediately noticed the connection to old Greek and Roman comedies that this play had where the genre and context of the play are explained before the play begins by Pseudlous. It was incredible to see the connection of things I have only read in class in action.

My favorite part of the play had to be the Proteans and the statue. From the beginning, the Proteans were the comedic relief throughout the play. Their faces, their dances, their interactions playing multiple characters was absolutely fantastic. When they were on stage I couldn’t help but watch what each of them would do next.

Now on to the statue. She did AMAZING. Until she started moving during one of the scenes in the play, I would have been fooled to believe that was a real statue in the middle of the stage. Right when she started interacting with the characters and moving around, I would always go to her face to guidance on how to feel during certain parts of the play. Although her part was subtle and she did not have many lines, I cannot help but feel that she served the purpose of helping the audience along in the play. Her facial expressions and gestures would help me to realize when something was wrong, or inappropriate when otherwise I would have thought it was funny. Not to mention she had some hilarious moments as well, like when she fought all of Proteans'when everyone was running around the stage. Afterward, she threw on her sunglasses and crossed her arms like she was super bad!

All in all, I think that each and every one of the characters did amazing in the play. A Funny Thing Happened on The Way to The Forum is a must see. I have already bragged to my friends about how great it was. I love that this class allows us to explore the arts. It is such a relief in comparison to my other courses in my major.

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