Makeup Event – TANGO at KAM

A very blurry photo of some great dancers doing the tango!

Written by Catherine Webber

The amazing tango made me want to jump on the dancefloor!

On December 15th I decided to go to the Krannert Art Museum with my friend Lydia in order to see dancers, whether professional or not, perform the tango. This was such a fun outing with my friend, especially because neither of us had ever seen people dance with no worries while some awesome music was playing. A band called Tangotta played while the dancers danced and it was really an afternoon to remember. While Lydia and I didn’t really partake in dancing the tango, we swayed a little, it was so fun to be there and listen to the great music! There was bass, violin, accordion and more! Everyone was so welcoming too, even though we weren’t dancing we were encouraged to join and no one was judging anyone on the dancefloor.

Lydia showing off some of the moves we saw at the tango!

It was so fascinating seeing the normally quiet museum filled with buoyant music and the sound of dancing. It was still the museum, but it had also been transformed into a dance hall. For my friend and I filling the role of observers more than performers, it was almost like we were seeing another exhibit at KAM. We really were unsure about this whole thing, but once we got inside we were assured. It was actually a big turn out too which was fascinating as I hadn’t heard of this event prior to this class. It was so fun seeing so many people dancing on a Saturday afternoon and I hope to attend more of these events next semester! I also hope to see this band again next semester as they made my whole day with their talent and ability to play without fault.

Walking up to KAM on Saturday, December 15th, we didn’t know what to expect!

Later in the night Lydia and I showed some of our friends the new moves we learned, and eventually, we got everyone to do some version of the tango while we were out. It was such a fun night, and I don’t think it would have been the same if we hadn’t gone to KAM earlier on that beautiful Saturday. Now I’m much more confident while dancing and maybe next time ill get on that dancefloor!

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