Farewell to FAA 110


Written by Ashleigh Cox

The first photo I took at KCPA!

As ready as I am for the upcoming semester to begin, I’m going to be very sad to leave behind FAA 110. Anyone of my peers has heard me talk about this class at least eight times because I enjoyed it so much. Having a class that was more focused on making me think about the different parts that go into performance and had very little work to go with it was very good for my mental health and the first semester of my college career.

The people in my class were very kind and funny and so were Valerie and Dr. Collins! I had fun every day we met and it was very convenient to have a class in my dorm building. I recommend this class to anyone who needs to get a general education requirement out of the way or just needs to fill some space or wants to try something new. There’s no way to go wrong with FAA 110.

I attended eight performances this semester and enjoyed every single one. The first event was Buddy Guy on 9/07/19. I had never heard of him before, but I was blown away by his character and talent, as well as by the size of KCPA!

Buddy Guy

The next performance was another musical artist by the name of Chris Botti on 09/14/19. His performance reminded me of what I liked about being in band in high school and made me miss playing an instrument and making music.

Chris Botti

The third performance is still my favorite show we attended this semester and I hope I have the chance to see it again. I saw HOME by Geoff Sobelle on 09/27/19 at a time when I was really struggling with my transition to college and it impacted me a lot. Three months later and I consider UIUC my home more than my actual house.


The fourth performance was on 10/17/19 and was August Wilson’s Gem of the Ocean. I was only able to stay for the first half, but I was very impressed by the set and talent of the actors who put on the show. This is another play I would like to see again!

Gem of the Ocean

Event number five was the Krannert Art Museum’s first-ever ArtTalk on 10/24/19. I learned about the origin of several pieces of African art and how they came to settle in KAM for the time being.

My sixth event was Wynston Marsalis on 11/01/19. I don’t remember a lot from this performance except that it reminded me of my grade school days when the high school jazz band would come play for us.

Wynston Marsalis

Number seven was my second-favorite performance, which I would also love to see for a second time. The Nature of Forgetting was performed by Theatre Re on 11/12/19 and combined dance, theater, and a variety of special effects to show memory. It was captivating and held my attention the whole time!

The Nature of Forgetting

My eighth and final event was the second ArtTalk on 11/14/19 which talked about radioactive art and waste. I plan to attend the other ArtTalks throughout the year because they’re so informational and fascinating to me! I never took the time to learn about art before these events and I’m glad that I was able to go to them.

ArtTalk 2: Hot Spots

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