Somi: A Refreshing Story told through Jazz


On Valentine's Day, Somi sung songs from her previous albums at the Krannert Center.

Written by Weon Taek Na

My ticket and description book to Somi

Laura Kabasomi Kakoma, better known by her stage name, Somi, sung songs from her previous albums in the Colwell Playhouse of the Krannert Center for Performing Arts on the night of Valentine's Day, February 14, 2020. Somi, with her music band all shined together, delivering a perfect performance to the audience. Somi and her music band have won countless awards together.

Stage setup before Somi and the music band arrive

During the performance, Somi also interacted with each member of the band individually or also gave each member a moment to shine, either as a duet with herself or as a solo performance. In between performances, Somi also did not hesitate to interact with the audience or to speak about herself, the environment that she grew up in, her past experiences and her family, seizing the opportunity to get the attention of the audience. Furthermore, Somi also shared her beliefs in the issues that the African American community faces, sometimes within the lyrics, but also conversationally.

Colwell Playhouse as the seats fill up to enjoy Somi on Valentine’s Day

In comparison to the music which I usually listen to, Somi sang much slower, enjoying the groove in the beets of the music. If I had to guess, I believe her style of music would fit in the Jazz category, interfused with Somi's unique style of nuances. Somi's music also carried a unique story-telling type of power within, and captured her struggles and emotions that she must have felt while she was writing the lyrics. The lyrics also shared the many issues that the African American community experiences.

Somi sings

My most memorable song of the evening was 'Two Dollar Day' which tells the story of a widowed Nigerian mother. The widow is going through a harsh time during which the government is protesting oil. 'Two Dollar Day' reminded me if my mother and the countless sacrifices that all parents make for their children.  

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