Carbaret: An Emphasis on the Humanity of Life


Cabaret, a world renowned Broadway musical, was performed at the Tryon Festival Theatre in Krannert Center for the Performing Arts this last Friday. The cast of the play'Cabaret'set out to give the audience a thrilling yet unique experience through perfect performance, further enhanced by amazing music and set pieces.

Written by Weon Taek Na

Figure 1: Cabaret Cover

The music side of the 1920-30s was a roaring period. Cabaret style of Jazz music roamed through the live jazz stages of the time. Jazz became a norm genre in the music industry. In the piece, an American writer named Cliff travels to 1930s Germany to find insight he needs for his writing. Before Cliff travels to Germany, the host for the Kit Kat Club performs a “welcome song”. During the song, the says, “We have no troubles here. Leave the trouble outside.” This conveys to the audience, the peaceful state of 1930s Germany before Nazi took control.

Figure 2: Cabaret program production

On the other hand, stage setup and site transition was also perfect. It was clear how much practice the staff had undergone. The staff did not hide their preparation of the prompts, but rather showed the process as they arranged the site and set. However, the transition was so perfect that the preparation itself demanded its own focus to the audience. There were four main sets during the play. Kit Kat Club took one of the main sets. The others included: the railroad carriage, Cliff’s apartment, and Schultz’s fruit shop. When a story finished, the lights went temporarily off as the set changed appropriately for the next story.

Figure 3: The cast bow to audience at the end of play

In summary, Cabaret is an amazing play performed to perfection by the staff. I highly recommend the play to anyone considering it!

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