A play of humanity and kindness: The Container

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The Container, directed by Tom Wright, tells a story about five poor refugees who try to smuggling to England in a container. The whole performance, produced by Digital Theatre, is performed in a real shipping container parked outside London's Young Vic Theatre

Written By Bingchen Li

It is a real container! All the performers play in a real container. Yes, a metal box like those on the back of trucks to transport cargos. Also, as we can see in the news, the container is often used to transport illegal immigrants. The Contain depicts a story around 5 illegal immigrants or refugees and one agent who help them smuggling to England. However, during the trip, the agent denies the contract between him and the refugees, and those refugees have to pay an extra 50 dollars to stay in the container.

The only light in the show are the flashlights held by characters.

There are 6 characters in the show. One is a businessman from Afghanistan, and one called Marian also from Afghanistan. she is a widow and tries to escape because she teaches girls?which are not allowed in her country. Asha is a young Somalia girl; she believes she could work as the Queen's servant when she arrives in England. An older Somali woman is Asha's aunt, but she called Asha her daughter, and she said her elder son is waiting for them in England. The last one is a Kurd from Turkey originally but grew up and studied in England, and he has tried 3 times to back to England for his girlfriend and baby.

The agent try to charge extra money from refugees

Immersive play is one of the popular trends over the world, but The Container is definitely one of the best. Although I watch this show online, I can still get into it. It is hard to imagine the audience's experience and feeling because you can see that audiences sit on the two sides of the container and actors performed in front of them. The only light for this show are the flashlights from characters, so audiences will pretend they are real witnesses.

All the audiences sit on the sides of the container

I love this show not only its realness and excellent acting skills from actors, but the social problems reflected by the performance, such as Illegal immigrants, gender equity, the gap of wealth, and so on. You will have a deep understanding of humanity after watching it: everyone has his own secrets; those refugees have different attitudes and responses when someone needs help; and the attitude change due to the force.

Overall, The Container is a creative show and worth watching. Hope this show could light your life while the world is upside down. Be safe!

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