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The Japanese Martial Art of drumming and dance that even has you become part of the show! Written by Jackie Dominguez

Out of all the performances I have gotten the opportunity to attend, Drum Tao is by far one of my favorite performances for multiple reasons. It was a performance that showed me that art has the ability to completely ease your mind away from your problems even if it’s just for a while.

I recall fifteen minutes before the performance began that I almost didn’t attend the performance after receiving the news that classes would no longer resume face to face after spring break. Receiving that news, completely broke me. I was speechless, broken, hopeless, and confused. However, as soon as I heard the sound of the drums it felt like my mind completely left those thoughts behind and I was not worrying about the future but about the present.

The Tryon Theatre may have no been as full as it should’ve been but the performers had a way of getting single person in that theatre to participate. I find it amazing that the performers had a way of getting a room full of people with worries and doubts to laugh. That is the magic of art, that despite the chaos occurring in the world; art is the one thing that can shift our minds to focus on the beauty of things.

Drum Tao, a performance that makes you feel like you are on stage with the rest of the performers.

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