So hard to say goodbye!

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By Bingchen Li

FAA is the best class I have ever taken! I really enjoy our in-class discussion and wonderful performances at Krannert Center. By taking this class, my understanding of art is deepened and this class opens my eyes that I experienced different cultures through those fantastic performances. Although we canceled 2 performances due to the COVID-19, the online performances provide a good experience to me and it is no exaggeration to say those performances are the lighthouse for me during the bored self-isolation at home.

Butterfly Lovers

This is one of my favorite performances, and it was a good ballet show mixed Chinese culture. It feels sooooo good that I can watch a bullet from my country! It is a traditional Chinese love story and touched tragedy. I highly recommend you watch this show with your loved one!


It is an impressive performance brought by Step Afrika. Performers will use their own bodies as an instrument to create their own beat. Besides its unique rhythm, it also expresses the sense of community and the pursuit of freedom of minority.


Somi is a vocalist and songwriter born in Champaign, Illinois. She is a good Jazz perfomer and I like her humble that she intruduced her band members during the show and encouraged audiences to applaud for them. Her soft and gentle voice will make you feel like you are talking with an old friend. Really nice.

Anna Deavere Smith

If you ask me, what is the last show I will watch before I die, I will definitely answer Anna Deavere Smith’s performance. During her performance, she does not have fancy costumes, props, and other performers, what she uses for the performance, is her voice. She interviewed different people first, and then recorded them and turned the conversations into performance, by herself. It is amazing that she can imitate those people perfectly that you can clearly know the emotional condition of the character, the age of the character, and the views from the characters.


It is my favorite show! That was my first time to watch a Broadway musical and I love it! To celebrate Krannert Center’s 50-year partnership with the school of music, school faculty and students bring their talent and expertise to this ironic work. Cabret is worth seeing and I highly recommend you watch this performance and walk into that history period before the wartime.

As You Like It

As You Like It is one of Shakespeare’s famous pastoral comedies of love and disguise. With the help of automatic subtitles, audiences will not worry about language barriers and could better focus on actors’ performance. There are some modern elements mixed in the show that can bring you a fresh feeling.

The Container

It tells a story about five poor refugees who try to smuggling to England in a container. What is new for this play is all the performers play in a real container and audiences watch it on the sides of the container. The Container is a creative show and worth watching.

The Metamorphosis

It is an ironic adaptation of Franz Kafka's novel depicted a fantastic tale that a salesman turned into a bug one day, and his life is changed dramatically. It reflects the twisted value of old-time that people only care about their own benefit so that ignore the sympathy and relationship between people.

Overall, I really enjoy this class, and thanks to Dr.Collins and Dr.Robinson, they give us great support especially during the time the whole world turned upside down. We are all going through a hard time and hope all you could be safe and happy!

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