What to expect from the media during COVID-19

Photo by: Alexandar Aguilera
Two people practice social distancing at a park.

By: Alexandar Aguilera

The world has been blindsided by the massive effects of the COVID-19 virus. It has left many to wonder it’s true risks and unknown lasting effects. From stay at home orders, to face mask requirements. Many news outlets have been flooding TV's, news feeds, and websites on the latest updates on COVID-19. The news has been a vital source of information during a constantly changing pandemic.'

With the virus being the top story everyday for the past month every outlet has approached its coverage of it in both similar and different ways. In particular, we will be looking at NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, and FOX. Despite different approaches and possible messages they might be trying to send it isn't necessarily a bad thing.'

On April 22, these news outlets led with different leading stories regarding COVID-19. With NBC's leading story it can give the impression that they chose to focus on Dr. Bright to highlight President Trump's handling of the pandemic. This included a video of Dr. Bright speaking on his firing as well as President Trump addressing it.

With ABC, they decided to focus on President Trump avoiding questions which also leans toward the idea that they are also focusing on the President's response to COVID-19. The story had a photo of him next to Dr. Fauci and a video which discussed Dr. Bright's firing as well.'

FOX took a different direction compared to NBC and ABC by noting President Trump pushing back on a claim by the CDC of a second wave of COVID-19. The story also leads with a video of what President Trump actually said regarding the claim.'

Both CBS and CNN had stories not related to President Trump. CBS reported on Mitch McConnell while CNN had various stories ranging from health and updates on COVID-19.

As time has passed the focus of stories has shifted. If there is one thing that has been consistent is that there is something new each day. 

One obvious similarity all these outlets share is that each of their leading stories pertains to COVID-19 in some form. However, each outlet also has a different approach or reasoning as to why they went with the story they chose. 

Yolanda Aguilera who works as a Human Resources manager expressed some thoughts on how news outlets are reporting on COVID-19.

As time has passed the focus of stories has shifted. If there is one thing that has been consistent its that there is something new each day.'

She also touched on outlets coverage on state's reopening specifically.'

There is a lot to take from all this. Outlets such as NBC and ABC can give off the impression that they are presenting stories targeting President Trump's poor response to the COVID-19 pandemic. A notion can also be made that FOX tends to try and defend President Trump's action. 

While President Trump can be an easy subject to look at when comparing the coverage of these outlets it isn't necessarily the point. With anyone of these news outlets regardless of their status or credibility they should be taken with a grain of salt. Each one is going to present a story in their own unique way.

Julio Aguilera who works as a Director of Security addressed outlets presenting different perspectives and saying how you can't listen to just one.''

There can always be the possibility for one of them to present one side of the story.

Eric Harris, a high school freshman talked about he receives news and outlets’ one-sided coverage of testing.'

Having several outlets provides a wide variety of perspectives and information to gather. From there it falls upon the reader to do what they will with the information. 

Yolanda spoke on how she reacts to information from news outlets.'

Either way news outlets are going to provide information they believe the public should know during this pandemic. 

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