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This semester was one to remember for sure. What started out as just a normal semester took a quick turn as schools nationwide started closing down their campuses due to COVID-19. Here, I will share my experiences from the semester and being a part of FAA 110.

By Moises Sedano

Photo of me, Moises Sedano

Taking FAA 110 was definitely one of the top highlights of my semester. Before taking this class, I was probably the least artistic person in the world. But, after seeing all these dances and plays, I was given a new admiration for the arts that I wouldn't have gotten if it wasn't for FAA 110!

Some of my favorites included Shanghai Ballet's The Butterfly Lovers!, Step Afrika!'s Drumfolk, and Cabaret. Not to mention, all of the other great shows I got to witness: SOMI, Q&A with Anna Deavere Smith and Julia Wolfe, Romeo and Juliet, Negative Space, and Macbeth.

My favorite from the entire semester was definitely Cabaret. I found it to be amazing. It was an incredible story of love and life with twists and turns. I will remember this play from FAA 110 for a long time!

Picture from the Cabaret show!

The Butterfly Lovers was the first ballet show I've ever seen, and they blew me away with their storytelling and movement.

Picture from The Butterfly Lovers before the show began!

Step Afrika's Drumfolk displayed the music that can be made through one's own voice or steps. They truly got the audience moving with their remarkable music and dancing.

The set of Step Afrika!: Drumfolk.

SOMI performed her wonderful music while showcasing her beautiful voice.

SOMI’s set before she took the stage!

I attended a Q&A with Anna Deavere Smith and Julia Wolfe where I learned a lot from their perspectives and ideas. They are two very remarkable and talented people!

Their set before Anna Deavere Smith and Julia Wolfe came on stage.

For the shows that I watched online, Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth were two very well-done remakes that I got to experience digitally. Another one I watched online was Negative Space which was the most unusual and thought provoking play I've witnessed this semester. I highly recommend this one!

I wish I could've gotten to see the remaining performances live but COVID-19 had other plans. However, I did get to experience what watching plays digitally was like. They're not as great as they are live but they're entertaining, nonetheless.

I would like to thank Dr. Collins and Dr. Robinson for opening my eyes to the arts and for a fun semester! It was a pleasure to be a part of FAA 110!

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