Final Reflections: A Class That I’ll Never Forget


By Elena Grantcharski

I am extremely grateful that I was able to be in this class. I was able to reunite with my love for the arts in full force. It was amazing to have a performance to look forward to every single week and I am going to continue going to performances at Krannert more often because I have realized how healing it is to experience art and how much it has helped me deal with stress this semester. I was disappointed that I was not able to enjoy this class to its full capacity due to COVID-19…I was really looking forward to the remaining performances. However, I am still extremely happy with the experiences I took from the first half of the semester and I also really enjoyed the Digital performances and I am also happy that I now know that a website like that exists so I can enjoy more performances online this summer if I want to.

Butterfly Lovers

Butterfly Lovers was my favorite performance. I was able to remember how much I loved watching ballet and my hopeless romantic self was extremely enchanted by the plot of the ballet as well. I am hoping to see more ballet performances at Krannert next year.


Drumfolk acquainted me with stepping performances and I am very happy I got to experience it. Using art as a source of combatting oppression is extremely powerful and beautiful.

Make Up Event-Johnathan Swensen

This Cello performance reminded me of my true love for classical music and the dreams that I had for myself. I am glad I was able to go to a classical music event as it has been a very long time for me since I last went.

Anna Deavere Smith

I was able to enjoy a completely unique form of journalism through Anna Deavere Smith’s performance. Her ability to capture and spread people’s voices is extremely unique and does a huge service to social justice.


Cabaret was a classic musical. I was glad I was able to see it because I had never been able to before. I was also glad I saw it at our university, with actors from our university. I was so proud to be at an institution where my fellow students are so talented.

Make Up Event-The Tempest

The Tempest is an original Shakespeare play that I also was never able to see before this. Since I saw this play in a digital format, I was able to appreciate the costumes and special effects on a way deeper level since I am actually a little blind. Regardless, I do not really like Shakespeare but I did enjoy this play.


Metamorphosis was a play that really freaked me out but in the best way possible. It was definitely the most obscure and eccentric play that I have ever watched. Although it kind of gave me nightmares, I really appreciated the acting, costumes/makeup, and the use of the set and stage. I also really think the commentary that it provided on the working class is important.

The Container

The Container was my favorite of all of the digital performances. I was so impressed how it was a short film and a play at the same time while also covering a very important issue that is very prevalent in the present day. I hope that in the future there will be more productions like this in the performing arts world as I love both theatre and short films.

Final Comments

I want to give my thanks to Dr. Collins and Dr. Robinson. This course that they co-taught will have a place in my heart forever. The arts are so important and I am so glad that a class like this exists on campus so that students become more acquainted with all the performing arts concert opportunities AND museums they have access to on campus.

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