Adventures in Multimedia: Sights and Sounds

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My favorite photo – I loved the natural sound of the water from the shower!

I always have a tendency to either overestimate or underestimate the amount of time something will take me – in this case, it was the latter.

I didn’t realize that I would end up spending four hours of my night in the multimedia lab to insert few seconds of nat sound, which I thought wouldn’t take me more than an hour.

One of the difficulties I encountered was making sure my volume levels were high enough. I had to really take advantage of the gain audio filter in Final Cut for all my sounds because raising the db levels using the pen/quill wasn’t increasing the levels enough. I have to admit that my frustration started to grow as I sat in my chair, alone in the empty, cold lab, working on the tedious task. But I had to remind myself that patience is always key when learning new things, and I actually really enjoyed editing the sounds.

I figured that my audio settings on my recorder were too low, but I wasn’t sure how to fix that. Thankfully, Gino came into the lab later on, and he took the time out to explain to me the difference in a setting of 4 to a setting of 10 for the recording level on the recorder, along with other helpful advice (thanks so much, Gino!).

Another difficulty I had was making sure the nat sounds flowed smoothly into the next sound, which also required patience and time.

On to more positive things, I thought it was really cool how by just adding sound, the stills came to life and the photo essay seemed to speed up. Without sound, the photos seemed to drag.

My roommate turns off her alarm and responds to missed text messages when waking up.

In retrospect, I had a fun time collecting the natural sound, taking photos and bonding with my roommate. I also definitely learned quite a lot about my recorder and Final Cut.

With all this in mind, along with the four hours of practice, I’m determined to do better in my next project.

For now, click this to check out how assignment three turned out for me!

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One thought on “Adventures in Multimedia: Sights and Sounds

  1. Wow, Sony!

    First and foremost, your video with sound is AWESOME!! Love the phone alarm!

    I’m glad you stuck it out with Final Cut in terms of the audio! It sounds great! I’m definitely going to use the piece of advice Gino gave you about recorder level. Sorry you had to deal with all that stress, though.

    Did you have to go back and record any sounds?

    In the future, though, I believe it is technically illegal to take pictures of any kind in a bathroom. I’m not sure if you obtained permission through the building manager or not, but just keep that in mind for future projects. Otherwise, everything else was fine.

    I cannot wait to see your future projects!


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