Adventures in Multimedia: I Love Illinois Week

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Oh boy, where do I begin with assignment five? This assignment probably took the most energy out of me in terms of filming, interviewing and editing. But, I think it was all a great preparation for what’s to come for assignment eight.

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 2.33.08 AM
Staff members of 1867 Society get ready to hand out “I Love Illinois” tanks at Ikenberry Commons.

This week, the campus organization 1867 Society is hosting I Love Illinois Week to build school pride across the university. On Tuesday Feb. 25, at Ikenberry Commons, 1867 Society gave out 500 “I Love Illinois” tanks to students who donated a shirt from a different school. The day was dubbed “Give to Receive Day.”

The news value of the story is that it is a unique day and event that students participated in. Give to Receive Day also hits timeliness and proximity since it happened on campus at Ikenberry Commons. It’s nice to see students show their Illini pride and spirit while helping out the local Goodwill!

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 1.00.02 PM
Donated shirts are ready for Goodwill!

One of the difficult aspects of filming this was trying to get good sequence shots. After'checking out my footage, I realized I didn’t have many sequence shots to edit into the video. From now on, I really have to keep sequence shots in mind when filming and realize that I can almost make a sequence shot out of a lot of things around me. I think one of the reasons why it was difficult to film sequence shots is because I was trying to get each shot to be at least 5 seconds long, and by the time I got closer to the subject (or further away), the subject moved.

Editing also took quite a while. The challenging part of editing was finding the right clips and sound bites as well as making sure I was able to get in all three sources within the time limit.'I’m sure that by the time we hit assignment eight, I’ll be ready for the challenges in filming, editing and making sure everything blends well together.

Also, just want to give a shout out to Becky for giving me feedback with my editing!

Anyway, without further ado, check out the video I put together for Give to Receive Day!

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One thought on “Adventures in Multimedia: I Love Illinois Week

  1. Hi Sony!

    I really enjoyed your topic this week! It was interesting and great for the amount of sources you needed.
    I know we talked about trying to film earlier so that you don’t have to spend SO MANY HOURS in the lab.

    I know it was hard to get a variety of shots because it was only one table, but maybe use that to get some establishing shots and sequence into the table?

    Still, I think this was a story well told and confirms the thought and effort you put into every project. I can’t wait to see what you do for your “How To” video 🙂


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