Stressing About Your Post-Grad Life? — There’s Still Hope!

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Students–Past and Present–Dish on All Things Graduation

Right now, U of I seniors might be excited, shocked, sad or baffled by the fact that graduation is on its way. Regardless of how seniors are feeling, May 18th 2014 is right around the corner…..

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This year, about 8,000 students (myself, Natalie and Gino included!) will be saying goodbye to their undergrad careers. While this might seem like an overwhelming thought to many, there are a lot of things seniors can do to secure themselves a great job after graduating.

For assignment 7, I decided to explore this subject. Students graduate every year. Unfortunately, these students often feel anxiety and stress both about graduating and figuring out a plan for the future. These feelings are completely understandable, given the fact that the job market is not the friendliest place for recent grads.

Source: CNN Money
This graph illustrates the number of college grads with jobs that do not require degrees over time.

According to CNN Money, recent college grads face 36% “mal-employment” rate. This means that people with a college degree are often stuck working customer service or hospitality positions. Additionally, Elvina Nawaguna of'Reuters'explains that “today’s graduates are having an even tougher time” with job-hunting than past generations.

While the anxiety many seniors (myself included) are experiencing is natural, it’s not productive! With your last few months, it’s important to focus on your future and stay positive!'This story will give anyone–whether they’re graduating in May or in three years–some helpful hints on how to make yourself marketable. (And I learned a thing or two myself!)

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