My Multimedia Experience

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Screen shot 2014-04-09 at 1.18.17 AMWhen I first stepped foot in the multimedia lab, I was excited yet nervous about the class. I remember Dr. Collins introducing herself and the assignments we would complete in this class. i was very overwhelmed with the fast-pace of the course. I became increasingly unsure of how I would perform. Would my projects be good enough? Will I get good grades on them? Will I catch on fast enough?…by the end of my experience I have gained CONFIDENCE.'

Screen shot 2014-04-09 at 12.39.05 AMGetting to know the Equipment

Assignment 1 was designed to get to know the camera. I am very thankful for this project, I learned the basics of tilts, pans, stills, video and even had the chance to play around with a few settings. I took pictures of a few things in my apartment. I also learend how to focus my shot to get the best quality photo.

Assignment 2 was a photo essay. I remember being stressed aobut what topic to do. At that time, construction seemed to be taking place on every corner on campus (not literally). I chose to show a few construction sites. Still very new to the multimedia aspect of journalism, I was nervous about getting close. I remember learning in JOUR 400, that if your pictures aren’t good enough…you aren’t close enough. I took many pictures but looking back, if I would have gotten closer, I would have been able to tell a different story. Getting closer would have added variety (wide, medium, and tight shots) to my project.

Screen shot 2014-04-09 at 12.47.50 AM

Adding Natural Sound!

Assignment 3 'was a natural sound piece. The class was instructed to add natural sound to the photo essay from Assignement 2. 'Listening to my audio, I wanted to cry. I thought the wind distorted every aspect of the construction. I titled this project, ‘The Real Windy City’. By putting the word ‘wind’ in the title, I somewhat made it a focus of the project. Instead of taking away to the clean audio that I imagined, it added to it. I learned that wind is also nat sound.

Screen shot 2014-04-09 at 1.05.00 AMVideo with Nat Sound! Living a'healthy lifestyle.'This project challenged me to play with audio levels. I tried to bring certain parts up and lower others. I lowered the sound of the blender too much, and from that point on, I learned how to watch the meter on the side of the timeline on Final Cut Pro.


Finding stories of news value'

Ellen DeGeneres tweeted to all of her followers that she had a big surprise planned for the University of Illinois. I thought this would be a perfect story to cover given that it involved a celebrity. I chose to capture the excitement of the day. The people I interviewed were really thrilled. It was required that we had 3 interviews. My third interview did not add to the excitement of my piece. 'From this I learned to find a focus and to only include things that would add to that focus.

How To Video

IMG_0206'I decided to teach individuals how to do a frog using a single rope. I related my video to childhood obesity. I think if children are given new ways to exercise they will have a better incentive to do so. “Over the past three decades, childhood obesity rates in America have tripled…”

I completed this assignment 'in a room where one wall was a mirror, and the other “wall” was a huge window. This was VERY VERY dificult. If I turned my camera one way, I saw nothing but a black shadow and if I turned it another way, I saw myself and the tripod in the mirror. From this assignment, I learned the importance of being mindful of the venue while taking pictures or video. The sunlight can either brighten your subject or make them look like a shadow.

Video and Audio Packages

Assignment 7, an audio package. For this assignment, I chose to attend the poverty simulation. This event brought light to a reality faced by many individuals in the Champaign Urbana area. CU Citizen Access describes the poverty in the community as extreme. 'I revised and revised and revised my script until I was comfortable with it. This assignment taught me the importance of rewriting. Each time I wrote my script, I saw more and more improvement.

Assignment 8…the most difficult asisgnment for me. The class was given raw footage of the polar plunge and we were instructed to write a script. I watched the footage so many times and could not figure out what to focus on. I wrote a script extremely unsure of what I wanted to write about and it showed in my first draft. As I kept rewriting, the script got better but it still did not sound the way I wanted it to. From this I learned the life lesson that perfection may be unobtainable. As a journalist, I will always see the flaw in my work. I am my toughest critic.

This multimedia journey was not an easy one. Through the extra time I put in and planning, I have gained confidence and have realized that I can complete any task given to me, even if I have never done it before.


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