My Multimedia Journey…

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Wow' what a journey it has been since the start of our multimedia class this semester. I remember feeling so'overwhelmed'the first day of class. I had no idea what to expect, and I remember looking at the previous class’s page and thinking that there was no way that I was going to get through all eight assignments. I left the class with a bag full of equipment, a list of additional equipment to buy and Assignment One hanging over my head. Looking back, I am proud how much I’ve improved and learned in one short semester. Little by little my videos progressed and I gained more confidence in my shooting and editing abilities. With that being said, here is a look back at all eight of my multimedia assignments:

Assignment One:'

A texture shot I took out side of Bousfield Hall.
A texture shot I took out side of Bousfield Hall.

This was our first time using the camera, and I was so nervous. We got to explore with both'video and film. We learned what techniques to use and what not use. It was the first time I filmed/edited for a class project since my senior year of high school, so it was cool to pick up where I left off. For this project I filmed around my dorm, Bousfield. It was very basic' but you have to start somewhere.

Assignments Two and Three:


Out of all of my assignments, number two and three were my least favorites. We had to produce a sequence of photos for assignment two, and add the natural sound that accompanied the photos in assignment three. For what I had to do, I picked a terrible topic. I took photos of the laundry room of my dorm. The nat sound did not turn out well and the whole thing was just boring. This project taught me to think my ideas through more and to not procrastinate. I guess it was a good learning experience'

Assignment Four:

After I was not happy with my assignments two and three, I was determined to make a

Illini Union on a sunny day. Courtesy to google images.
Illini Union on a sunny day. Courtesy to google images.

comeback with assignment four. We had to make a video essay which included natural sound. I headed to the Illini Union on a Sunday afternoon and filmed there. I was happy with how this project turned out, especially with the added music.



Assignment Five:

University of Illinois sophomore, Arielle Rausin, training for the Boston Marathon in April.
University of Illinois sophomore, Arielle Rausin, training for the Boston Marathon in April.



As we moved on to assignment five, our progress was evident. This was another video essay, with three interviews included. I went to the'Disability Resources & Educational Services Facility (DRES) and filmed Arielle Rausin, a wheelchair track athlete, while she was training on the 'rollers'.



Assignment Six:'

Assignment six was our how-to video, and it is my favorite project to date. My how-to video was Photo on 1-19-14 at 1.49 PMon dyeing your hair. This video took me SO much time to film and edit and it was just over a minute long. I was very pleased with the outcome and thought it looked very professional. This assignment proved to me that I am capable of producing quality videos on my own.


Assignment Seven:

stlfFor this assignment, we created an informational audio package. It was different when there were no photos or film to look at. I did my assignment on the organization Students Today Leaders Forever, which is a group that takes middle school, high school, and college students on service spring break trips. It included three interviews. It was the first time we included a script.

Assignment Eight:

Last but not least, was assignment eight, where'we all received the same footage of A-Roll and Screen shot 2014-04-04 at 12.07.18 PMB-Roll from a Polar Plunge event in Mahomet. We had to edit an informational video about the plunge with the footage given, and also add voiceover to enhance the finished product. If I was given this assignment on day one, there is no way I would have been able to complete it, which just shows how far I’ve come on my multimedia journey.

Its almost the end of our multimedia journey'. so now it is time to reflect on what I've learned:

  • Take one assignment at a time
  • Ask for help if you need it
  • Don't procrastinate
  • Always have a plan B
  • Take chances
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Ask questions
  • Show your work to others
  • Speak your mind, but in a respectful way
  • Deadline is important
  • But' it's better late than never
  • Have fun with your projects
  • Produce things that you are proud of
  • There is always room for improvement

It’s been a great semester & I’m so proud of all I’ve accomplished. I can’t wait to see where I go from here.

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