Take a picture, it will last longer: Reflections

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I almost can’t believe that it is time for my final blog post. The journey to this point, has been a crazy, but extremely beneficial one.

Taylor Rooks - Multimedia Journalist!
Taylor Rooks – Multimedia Journalist!

I came into this class with the goal of expanding my multimedia skills and storytelling beyond the scope of sports, and with the help of Dr. Collins, I feel like I accomplished that. I tried to push myself to do pieces of human interest, and if I do a sports story, I never tried to make it a gamer. At first it was hard to break out of my exclusive mold as a sports journalist. This semester was all about pushing my boundaries, and it was important not to let myself be my own boundary.

But now with the arrival of April, and the end of eight assignments, I have come such a long way in Journalism 410.

We all had the opportunity to get accustomed to our cameras in Assignment 1'- I usually only do video, so it was an adjustment to take photos. This is the assignment that taught me how to focus, take effective wide, medium, and tight shots. '10highangleshot-300x225

In Assignment 2, I was able to use some of my sports skills. I did my photoessay on the basketball game, but I wanted to evoke emotion from the viewer. The team lost this particular matchup, so it was important to me to get shots of sadness from the crowd and the players. This gave me the chance to show the story in a different light…further expanding my boundaries.



Assignment 3 is when things really got noisy! We got to add audio to the previous story, and this was probably one of my favorite aspects of this class. It really showed how audio can effect a story. One thing I would do differently, is overlay sounds better, if you do this, it gives your story a very full feel. Try not to have any dead spaces in your audio story.

I wasn’t too proud of my assignment 4, but it looks pretty good! I think it was because I ry to improve on each video, but I felt like my assignment 3 video was better, so it felt like I digressed. IMG_0212-300x225






For assignment 5, I had to really improvise. It is okay to have a Plan B, Plan C, and Plan D…but make sure you run it by your professor before you execute! My original story idea didn’t work, so I focused my story on a road trip with my boss. We were supposed to have 3 sound bytes, but I only had one – That’s not good! This video taught me to always follow directions…it really makes the video better!

Assignment 6 was by far my favorite assignment! I love making How-To pieces. This one was especially fun, because it was something that was very dear to my heart: long distance relationships.'I tried to make it a fun video by being silly and incorporating lots of jokes. This video was a good lesson in sequence of videos, as well as an appropriate pace for videos. Really fun to watch, and even more fun to make! 'il_340x270.303155702-300x238






Assignment 7 was an audio piece, and I loved it because it is what I know how to do 🙂 I did a piece on the quarterback competition. It was timely and informative, and it even offered some insider scoop. The whistles made for some great NAT sound for this audio piece, and the actualities were full of nice useful information for the listeners.

Reilly O'Toole
Reilly O’Toole







Last but definitely not least is Assignment 8. It was really cool to edit someone else’s video. It allowed you to find an angle that you thought best suited a package. I didn’t want to do a story on the event, because that can come off as very “PR-y” instead I tried to focus my story on the jumpers. There were some heartwarming sound bytes, so I made sure to write around those.

Viking Polar Plungers in Chicago
Viking Polar Plungers in Chicago


It is bittersweet that I am leaving this class, I have learned so much. And these lessons, just like these pictures, will last a lifetime.





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