Feltman Reflection 1

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My experience with cameras before completing this assignment was limited to what I could shoot and film with my smart phone. The thought of using real equipment filled me with dread. Considering my absolute inexperience, I am incredibly proud of this first assignment. I wanted this assignment to represent me as a person, and I think I succeeded in doing that.

I love to invite my friends over to my apartment for coffee. We sit at my kitchen table, talk and laugh over our mugs. We have a lot of fun like that, and I wanted to capture those moments on film. This is why this assignment is so special to me.

That being said, I also have to look at it critically as my first assignment. There were definitely a few parts of the videos that could have been focused better, and some scenes that could have been cut shorter. But all in all, I love my video!

You can watch it Here!'

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