Reflection 3: Mistake corrected, Smash achieved

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Super Smash Bros. for Wii U being played on our apartment's television in Urbana, Ill.
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U being played on our apartment’s television in Urbana, Ill.

Since I missed the class for Assignment 3, I basically had to do two projects in one (which is absolutely my fault.)

It turned out just fine, though, as I’ve used editing software before. When I made the video with my 12 pictures originally, it felt a little bland. I had my powerful shots and my story told, but the aspect audio brought to the project was certainly missed.

When I added my natural sound ' which was the sounds of my friends playing Super Smash Bros. ' it helped tell the story better. You could hear my friend, Kathleen, actually commenting on how frustrated she was, as depicted in the final picture. She got beat, it showed on her face, but hearing her yell about it was much better.

Overall, the sounds of Super Smash Bros. is relatively interesting, too. The mashing of buttons on the controller added some sound, while the laughs and commentary while they played added a better vibe the situation.

I understand the natural sound may not always come off as effective, but this experience has helped taught me to make sure that I always grab the sound regardless of my plan.

You can see the complete project here.

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