Don’t Believe Me Just Watch

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IMG_0132For Assignment 4 we were to create a video essay. I was so excited because we had mainly'focused on stills before this point, and I wanted to begin experimenting more with video. For this assignment I joined my friend at her band practice.

I was really worried about the sound for this one. It was really loud in this tiny basement. I had to utilize the audio mixer in premier to make it a lot quieter. I was luck this didn’t distort the sound too much. Also it was difficult to line up the sound and video properly. After the first few tries I got the hang of it though.

The editing this time around was a lot more fun. I felt like I was actually making some producer like decisions. I wasn’t just putting in a transition because I needed one. I was deciding where I thought they were appropriate. I also realized I am a fan of using the shortest transition time possible. (I like 7 frames.)

I had a lot of trouble with creating a lower third title. Google is really one of the best resources sometimes. There were so many video tutorials on it that I created one quickly and easily and learned some other skills along the way. Just when I was about finished all of my videos disappeared and nothing would play. I had everything saved so I decided to restart premiere and that seemed to solve the problem.

I really like using video for this project and can’t wait to begin to utilize it in a more “newsy” format. You can find my finished project here.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Believe Me Just Watch

  1. I thought this video was good. I understand how tough it is to have to shoot a band in a small basement, having filmed and taken photos of local bands playing house shows. It’s very difficult to try to not disturb or disrupt them while they’re playing, but you also want to get the shot. I think Professor Collins had the best advice when it comes to how to shoot in situations like that, and that is to “just go for it.” I dealt with this in my first project, in a way. There were artists performing and I was worried about disturbing their performance with the shutter of my camera. I wimped out and didn’t go for the shots, and that cost my project. Sometimes humility helps when it comes to that stuff, and that’s something all of us can learn from when shooting our first videos for class.

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