More than a Game

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Students playing basketball at the ARC
Students playing basketball at the ARC

Assignment 4 went a lot better than assignment 3 did for me. For one, I actually completed it! After I had sorted out my media card problems, I was ready to get to work and make up for my lost assignment.

Now, although I say that assignment 4 went a lot better than the last one, that doesn’t mean that it went perfectly. I still ran into a few missteps here and there, but overall I felt that my project came out pretty good.

I decided that I would focus my project on intramural basketball. My friend had a game one evening and allowed me to interview him beforehand. However, I was a little rushed with the interview because he had arrived late and had to get ready to play. I realized that I had forgotten my corded mic for my audio recorder laying on my desk in my room when I was testing it before leaving for the game, so I had to hold the audio recorder myself. In the rush of everything, I failed to check my interview until after I had finished shooting and realized that my audio recorder made it into a few of the clips. This was the biggest flaw of my video, in my opinion.

When I was recording b-roll footage of people playing games, an intramural employee came over and asked what I was doing.'He was unsure if what I was doing was allowed but I also could tell he really didn’t care much.' I explained that I was just filming for a class project and the employee, somewhat reluctantly, let me be. After that little incident, I shot the rest of my b-roll without any problems.

Personally, I enjoyed this project the most because I liked shooting video of an event that had a lot of movement and direction. It was a little difficult trying to find the right angles and compensating for all the movement, but I felt I learned as I was shooting and got better shots throughout the filming. You can view my project here.


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2 thoughts on “More than a Game

  1. Jason,

    I can tell you enjoyed this assignment based on your reflection and the footage/inspiration from your friend. I liked that your project was of an event and you got the idea from your friend. Even though your interview didn’t go as planned…it seemed fine. Having an interview definitely strengthens the films content and makes it more relatable to put a face to the rest of the footage. My only suggestion would be a bit louder, but that’s sometimes hard when you’re in a loud area, which you were. However, now you know for next time to double check all your equipment and footage before leaving the scene.

    In my opinion, the best part of your project were all the angles. With any sport you want to view it from all sides to see what is going on. I think you did a nice job of getting players on defense and offense which allowed for different viewpoints. I also liked when they seemed to be running at you and when you got them sitting on the bench. My favorite shot was actually your final one. At first it was a player sitting, then it turned into a black screen which signified the end. Your use of directions made it an enjoyable watch and your transitions were smooth. I was constantly waiting to see where you would get the next view and what would come next.

    The only “problem” I saw specifically to the story was the focus on multiple teams and players. It would have been cool to focus on 2 teams playing against each other and show a scoreboard a few times throughout to show the progression of the game. Other than that, I thought your use of all the players available was good. Also, a clearer beginning would have been good. Like I said earlier, your ending was great and identifiable. A starting shot of the tip-off or a 0-0 score would’ve shown the start of the game.

    Overall, you did a good job. I look forward to watching your upcoming projects!

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