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IMG_20160630_092145020_HDRWell, the last time I wrote a blog I was considering dropping all ideas of majoring in journalism. However, after being here for almost 7 days I feel more relaxed and positive. It’s like once you figure out how to work the cameras ,adobe editing, and figure out how to work under pressure everything is a breeze. Well, maybe not a breeze but you feel almost accomplished after everything is done and finished.

I may not be the most famous anchor or filmed, but I think that there may be hope for me yet.The truth is this camp has opened up my eyes to whether or not I’m interested in broadcast journalism. I’m not positive that I want to be on an news show and wake up at 4am for the morning news but still have to wear makeup and look pretty, but I think that this program did open up my eyes to how much respect I now have for people who do broadcast journalism.

If I’m going to be honest though my favorite part of this has probably been producing and writing. I think this program has defiantly opened my eyes to consider a job in producing or in regular broadcast. Although, my dream job is working on a magazine. But, this program just showed me that I have more options than I thought I did. Also, this program gave me some insight as to what it would be like to go to the University of Illinois- Champaign.

Forever Confused ( Possibly Future Fighting Illini???? Possibly future anchor/producer/editor )

Natalie Flynn

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