Photo Essay- The Path

Part of the path with the river alongside

Assignment 2 was all about the photo essay. I was pretty eager to start this assignment and hear the criteria for it. It seemed like it was going to be a fair, interesting, and thought-provoking assignment, but then Professor Collins added another twist to the assignment. She challenged us to add themes of fear, afraid, hopeful, and excitement. When this part of the assignment was added, I really wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I started thinking and had a few ideas. The one I chose to go with was nature-filled and I even got more ideas along the way, which was good.

For assignment 2, I probably took over 100 shots. This was probably a little too much, but it gave me a variety of photos to choose from. When I arrived to the place I wanted to photos at, I was intrigued to see what types of photos I could get. The first moment I arrived, I saw a baby Coyote or Fox of some sort. I thought it was so cool, but I didn’t get my camera out fast enough and I started to see the Coyote run away. So instead of getting the Coyote as my picture for fear, I started running the other way in fear, thinking I might be that Coyote’s dinner. Haha, just playing around, but I did stay in the same location and continued shooting without the Coyote. While shooting my shots for assignment 2, I was enjoying the scenery and all there was to work with. That day was brutally cold and my hands started'to freeze, but I was determined to get the photos I needed.

The abandoned building on the path

I decided to go with 15 shots for my assignment. I had a variety of shots and I think each was needed to tell the story effectively. The location I was at has a nature-filled path/walkway. This path had a few signs that said “closed” and “no outlet” and it was just kind of a unique path in general, so I figured I could establish the fear, afraid, hopeful and excited themes here. The'story is from the perspective of a person, who notices this path that is closed off and is excited, yet afraid and fearful to see what is on it. Along the way, this person starts to see these abandoned houses, a forest, river and much more. They eventually'are led to an abandoned building, which they approach to find out'what it is. They get to the building and become even more fearful and afraid, in which they go back on to the path they came from and try to get out. The theme of hope comes into play when the person is hoping they could find their way back out of this closed off path and they finally do when they see a bridge that leads to a'neighborhood. Hope and excitement come in as the person knows they have found their way out. When they do make it out, they are so traumatized that they find their way to the police who takes them home. Finally, they make it home and are excited to be there!

I think I was able to make a pretty cool story out of the assignment that teaches people not to go down the wrong path, even when you are tempted to do so and if you do go down the wrong path, there is always a sense of hope and way to get back on the right path!

My work can be seen'here. Don’t be afraid to click!

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