Ballin Till We Fallin: Assignment 3 Reflection

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Much like I did for my photo essay, I decided to document my fraternity for this assignment. This time, instead of capturing a rush event, I opted to dive a little deeper into who we are. Basketball (as well as a few other sports), is something we hold sacred. Whether we are watching, playing, or discussing them, sports bring us together. It’s something that takes our minds off the stress of being a smaller fraternity, as well as the problems we have as individuals. That being said, this assignment felt a lot more intimate to me than my previous work.

Brothers of Phi Kappa Theta warming up for a high energy game of basketball.

Shooting Some Shots.

The first problem I ran into when I started filming was trying to decide where to set up. Basketball is a highly kinetic sport, requiring a lot of movement across a decently large area. After some deliberation, I decided to just shoot in different places to compile my B-roll. Once I got going, things seemed to go pretty smoothly, all things considered. I really enjoyed the shots I got of the net when baskets were made (and when they weren’t). At one point, I flopped down on the gym floor so I could get some b-roll of the players shoes. This part was pretty scary to shoot, I won’t lie. I decided after shooting to do a voice-over that I would have accompany the b-roll. I wanted to have something that wouldn’t replace my natural sound, but would instead complement it. Funnily enough, I didn’t even watch the footage while recording the voice-over; instead, I pulled from my own personal introspective on the matter. Nonetheless, it matched up extremely well, and I was rather pleased with the final product.


After editing and publishing my video, I realized a few of my errors. One was pointed out by my colleague, Matthew Eaglin. He brought my attention to the improper use of focus in my filming. I had left my camera on auto-focus, which caused some of the shots to be blurry at times. He showed me the correct way to go about it. My peers in our lecture enjoyed the humorous and lighthearted undertones of my video essay. Based upon this, I hope to retain my ability to be a good storyteller in future projects.

I’m amazed with myself, to be completely honest. I came into this class with virtually zero filming or producing experience, yet I’ve turned out relatively decent products thus far. My work is far from perfect, but it’s far beyond anything I ever thought I was capable. I’m super excited to see how much more I grow across the rest of my semester.

To see the mad basketball skills of Phi Kappa Theta, click here.


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One thought on “Ballin Till We Fallin: Assignment 3 Reflection

  1. I really liked your video! I loved the narration mixed with the nat sound- you got some really great sound bytes of your fraternity brothers, like when one guy said “I quit.” I thought that was great. Also, I felt like you used your shots in a really clever way; for example, you said none of you were NBA stars, then you had the shot of someone missing a basket. I thought that gave the project a lot of character, and I really enjoyed watching it! If I had to give a criticism, I would just say some of the transitions were a little funny. But overall, great job!

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