BBQ TIME-Barakat



I started off the video by getting all the materials needed to barbecue. Then I got shots of the barbecue being prepped. Some standard shots of cutting up the pieces of meat and gathering the chicken followed. Also, getting the ground meat and forming it into a burger-shaped form. I then'showed the beginning process of gathering the vegetables and placing everything on the stick, to make shish kebob. I showed the meats being seasoned and marinated, so they can get that good taste! Then I gathered all the prepped meats and vegetables and provided a shot of that. It was basically the beginning product. This part of the video is something any person can watch and follow themselves. The seasoning and marination of the meats were a unique way of seasoning, that I have used for many years. Check it out if you are interested in my approach to seasoning!

SHISH KEBOB (Source: Mavi Boncuk)


Next, were my shots of firing up the grill and getting a good solid shot of fire going. I showed how the charcoal should be mixed around to get a nice solid fire. After the fire started going a little bit, I started to put the meat and vegetables on the grill. Shots of the meat cooking and roasting up on the fire is what made up most of the middle of the story. I was able to get a nice close-up on the meat sizzling and also some good wide and medium shots to show many angles of this delicious meat. From this point it was time to wait for the meat to cook…



The food was finally cooked and it was ready to eat! For this segment of the video I gathered brief shots of the final product displayed. Then I got a shot of the food in action. The best part of cooking. The part where you get to taste the outcome! I got a quick little action shot of me getting the food onto my plate and then of me taking a bite into the chicken. I ended the video with me getting a little taste of the food and the enjoyment of finally being able to eat. I decided to leave the'viewers in suspicion of how the food turned out, but the end of the video pretty much sums up how it tasted. IT WAS GOOD!


BBQ CHICKEN (Source: Allrecipes/Blender Woman)


Overall, the video essay was pretty fun and a cool experience of learning how to put together a piece'with both sound and video attached. I had trouble at first thinking of something to do. I was flip flopping between a few ideas. I made it more difficult than it had to be. It was Sunday and it was the day of the Super Bowl and so I figured it would be an interesting video if I filmed the beginning to middle to end steps of how I barbecue. I had some complications with getting good shots and not having disruptive audio because it was hard to adjust the ways of cooking knowing you have the camera rolling. It was a fairly warm winter day and it was a good time to barbecue. There were many people outside. I had the music playing and it was a fun time cooking and getting some homework accomplished. It was sort of difficult not being able to move the camera around and to not zoom in and out, but I think it worked'out okay. It was kind of difficult also figuring out what specific shots to include in the time frame because there are many different shots you can include. The audio was challenging because I wasn’t sure how good the audio on the camera would turn out. I took audio on the camera and sound recorder, but the audio on the camera turned out to be okay. Editing the material proved to be tough as well because there were some complications in wanting to tell the story with how you envisioned it when gathering the shots. This assignment helped me polish some more of my skills and challenged me in a good way. I enjoyed this assignment because it follows a simple story structure and we were allowed to take it whichever direction we wanted.





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