Strapping Acoustics with Malec Caudell

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Budding musician instructs on strapping'acoustic guitars.

My old friend, Eleanor the guitar. We aren’t the best sounding duo, but it’s a work in progress!

To check out my tutorial, click here.

Acoustic guitars are beautiful sounding instruments (once you know how to play them). However, something that’s always bugged me is how some have two notches for a strap, while others only have one. I’m a left handed guitarist, and as such, the selection for me is pretty slim, so naturally I ended up with an one-notch set up. I was disgruntled at first, but then my brother, who has been playing guitar for about 11 years, blessed me with the knowledge of how to strap a guitar even when it doesn’t have two notches. I was so tickled that I decided to share my new found knowledge with everyone else.

Step 1:'Gather all the necessary materials, which includes:

1 Acoustic Guitar (single notch)

1 Guitar Strap

1 shoe string (can be from an old shoe, just make sure it isn’t fraying)

Step 2: 'Attach either end of the strap to the notch on the bottom of the guitar (either end works, but for convenience I’d recommend attaching the end closest to the length-adjuster on the strap).

Step 3: 'Slide the shoe string around the top of the neck underneath the strings and tie off one end as close to the neck as you possibly can. Make sure you have a strong knot here that isn’t putting too much pressure on the guitar.

Step 4: 'Finally, you’re gonna slide the other end of the shoe string through the other notch hole on your guitar strap, loop it around, and tie that end off as well.

And there you go! if you followed the steps above, you should have a decent strap to work with whenever you want to stand up and rock out! For the safety and preservation of your guitar, I would recommend changing the shoe-string every now and then (depending on how often you play), because the weight of the instrument puts a lot of stress on the string.

So next time you go to serenade your dream girl, don’t fret about having to find somewhere to sit down with your acoustic guitar. With my set up, you can chase love off into the sunset, strumming all along the way!



This was a fun assignment, but I think I could’ve had much more fun with it if I would’ve given myself more time. I didn’t film until this past Monday, as I didn’t take my camera home with me over Spring Break. I don’t necessarily think the finished product is bad, but I also think I could’ve done a lot more. Nonetheless, I think I put together a pretty humorous package that people will hopefully enjoy viewing and won’t take way too seriously.

I already had a strap on my guitar, so I knew how to make it work. So I first started filming with the strap attached, then I took it off, and put it back on, filming all the steps. I tried to throw in as much quirkiness as I could since strapping a guitar isn’t exactly rocket science, and I wanted to keep the viewer entertained. I chose to make my video about this because while it’s simple, 'a lot of beginning musicians don’t know how to do it, and will go out to buy a specially made strap from Guitar Center or somewhere, which is largely unnecessary.

Something I want to note for myself, I need to learn how to film myself better. I think I had a pretty decent set up, and the footage looks pretty good. But I didn’t have a lot of variety in my shots. Additionally, in some shots, only part of my face is visible, which might be distracting to viewers. The last flaw I want to point out is focus, which is something I’m not entirely sure how to remedy. Anytime I would move my guitar towards the camera for emphasis, it would go out of focus. I had my camera on manual focus, since I’ve had issues with automatic focus in the past, but maybe this was a situation where I would’ve found it useful.

Check out my storyboard below!

Please excuse my amazing artistic ability, I know it can be overwhelming.

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One thought on “Strapping Acoustics with Malec Caudell

  1. Hi Malec!

    I really enjoyed your package! I liked that it was quirky and funny- it really showed off your personality! Plus I thought it was very easy to follow. I have an acoustic guitar myself, and I don’t know if I would have been able to put a strap on it on my own. One thing I might have done differently was put a box under your lower thirds so they’d be easier to read, but I honestly didn’t notice a huge problem with the focus of the camera or with the shots of yourself. I know it can be hard to shoot yourself. Overall, great work! I really enjoyed it.

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