Polcyn Assignment 6: How to tape a baseball bat


Why I decided on this topic

Baseball has been my favorite sport ever since I remember. After years of playing, I have become pretty familiar with the ins and outs of the game, and one things I always thought was pretty cool was the different styles that people used to tape their wooden bats. When I first started using a wooden bat I always stuck to the simpler style where I covered the whole handle in tape, but as time went on I decided to try some new ideas out and ended up really liking a newer style called cross-taping (see below).

Here is an example of cross-taping, where the tape almost looks like diamonds on the handle.

I always found this method really helpful and comfortable because it provided me with the extra grip that tape is used for, while also still giving me a little bit more feel for the bat because it’s not completely covered. Also, it could very well just be personal preference but I always just generally liked the feel and look a lot better than the standard covered handle tape job.

I started using this method my freshman year of high school when we started playing in more wooden bat tournaments, and I have stuck with it ever since. I initially saw someone in the MLB use a similar style, and then after searching Youtube to learn how to do it I eventually started doing it on my own bats.

The other thing I really enjoy about it is that it’s much more customizable. In my video, I used orange and white, but in the past I have mixed it up much more and personalized it to fit certain team colors and things like that.

The Project

Overall I really enjoyed this project and think it has definitely been the easiest one we have done so far. I didn’t know what I would do at first, but after watching some of the videos from last year such as James Boyd’s'basketball video from last year I thought this would be a fun topic to do that not many people really know how to do.

I also found it funny that I originally learned how to do this through watching a how-to video, so it’s only appropriate that I am now the one teaching people how to do it.

As far as editing and getting footage I am starting to feel really comfortable with ti all. I think I was able to edit everything together within an hour or so after actually filming so I’m starting to get very comfortable with Premier and I really enjoy using it.In fact, I have even made some additional videos on my own time including Cubs highlights, a Malcolm Hill thank you video and a video for Cody Sedlock and getting ready to play with the Orioles.


I really liked this assignment and am proud of how far I am coming in this class. Coming into it I never thought I would have learned this much already but it is such a huge difference I can’t even explain it.

Really looking forward to the last couple projects and continuing to improve my skills.

Hope you enjoy, and again if you want to see my video feel free to check it out here.


Storyboard for how to tape a bat

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